Q & A: Does Mold Affect Pregnancy?

The Effects of Mold on Pregnancy

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We live a house built in the 80’s. I am pregnant, so it’s harder to ignore the smell of mold. I am worried that this will be potentially harmful to my family. Would I be wasting my time with household kits? Should I call someone to come asap?


Mold Affects Pregnancy

The questions concerning mold and pregnancy have been circulating for years. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of time and research has gone into the topic. However, based upon experiences women have had, I would recommend getting as far away from the mold issue as possible while you are pregnant.

Mold is never good to breathe and can cause harmful side affects to the mother and the rest of the family living in the home. Many women have reported birth defects and miscarriage in their unborn child after having severe exposure to mold during their pregnancy.

Whether there is a definite relationship between mold and these problems, there is no conclusive answer. To be safe though, definitely get away from the mold altogether, or have a reputable professional come and deal with the problem.

Do not as a pregnant woman, attempt to remove the mold yourself. The least amount of exposure you have, the better.

To read more information and the experiences of women who have dealt with this issue read Mold & Pregnancy.

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  1. My daughter is 4 1/2 months pregnant, I have had mold in 2 places in my walls each about 4 feet across, my insurance co. said it was mildew, had it tested and it’s 3 types of mold all black mold.Someone said she has a 80% chance of the baby having birth defects, is there any truth in this? I feel like this is all my insurance’s fault, not wanting to pay out several years ago. Should I make her leave right away? Any help would be so appreciated. Thank You, Susan

  2. The Q & A above helps me to understand how mold affects pregnancy.


  3. I have a 2 yr. old son that was born with a few birth defects. Through my whole pregnancy i was around black mold and some of his Doctors seam to think its because of the mold and i have to agree. Ive known a few women that have been around mold and their babies all have some kind of birth defect.

  4. ijust had a baby on march 15 2010 and he was born with major heart problems and i live in an apt that is infested with mold could that have been the problem breathing this mold all the time but unfortunanty my baby did not survive he died 3 days later..

  5. I work with a couple of doctors in a facility that is crawling with black mold. These doctors are cheap Indians and tell me not to worry I am not very concerned but I got a co-worker lady trying to get pregnant, and she cannot Is this because of mold? I know she and her husband do the nasty every night.

  6. unfortunately my house had black mold twice. It was also unfortunate that I got pregnant twice and miscarried twice during the time of the mold. I didn’t know that my house had mold and I was on birth control both times. I never missed a pill and still got pregnant then lost it both times. The second time mold was found in my house was when I connected the miscarriages and the mold. I believe there are many physical and mental health issues caused by mold. not only was I sick all the time but I had brain fog, depression and fatigue from it…It’s been months since the mold was removed and I still have some of the symptoms. If any of you are having symptoms please look into getting it fixed and don’t second guess yourself or your instincts. My husband didn’t understand the severity because he didn’t have the symptoms like I did. You have to read up on it and talk about it with others because since my experience i have helped one other family that had no idea what was going on in their parents house.

  7. i moved to fort riley kansas, on the army base when i was two months pregnant. i smelled mold but didnt report it immediately. i lost may baby when i turned four months. i was in the 2cd trimester. i was currently blessed to get pregnant again. now i am 7 weeks pregnant. i did report the mold an they tore down the dry wall and sprayed something that was suppose to kill the surrounding mold. we are currently awaiting the results of that test but a week before i found out i was pregnant i broke out in hives and my lips blew up like balloons. i am afraid of that house. wen u walk in u can smell the mold in the air an i am afraid that i may loose another child do to the fact that i kno that mold can b air bourne as well. wat should i do?

  8. Im about 2 mos pregnant, this is my first child. I live in an apartment that I believe has “black mold”. I want to be sure, how can I find out whether or not this is really mold or just my over active imagination. I live in upstate NY, please help, i need to know so i can get out of this renters “contract”

  9. I was exposed to molds including black mold in the workplace years prior and during my whole pregnancy – my daughter was born with a mildly turned in sternum (no one in the family has) she also gets sick often and has lots of ear infections. My husband and I were not sick kids. I consider her healthy.

    Others in my workplace have had healthy babies as well.

  10. My daughter in law recently miscarried one of her twins, my son & I are both bi-polar and have various other mental health issues, i was diagnosed with copd, suffer from bouts of fatigue, frequent illness. my landlord recently, over the phone, told me I needed to move out(single, low income mother of 3) so they could begin restoration. I have nowhere to go and im stressed to the max. I have for 3 years consistantly been on time with rent payments in full. i dont know where to turn,

  11. In 2009, our house had a leak – a few leaks, actually – and our HO insurance company sent a company out to clean up and fix the issue. They did a horrible job and were NOT professional at all. My family became sick with the “flu” (we thought) and I became so ill I had to be hospitalized several times and stayed in the hospital for days at a time. (I was pregnant with our 5th baby at the time) When I was not in the hospital, I would try to get the HO Insurance company to send the guys back out to check their work – not only did the insurance company stop returning or answering my calls, neither would the company. They did a lot of finger pointing and ducking me. After a few months of all this, we sadly discovered our baby had passed. After he was stillborn we saw his body and how it had been deprived of oxygen and knew something wasn’t right. Finally, after our son was born, the insurance company sent another company out to check out our house and they “discovered” the many different strains and horrible infestation throughout our home. Within a month we were moved out of our home and into a rental so the damage could be “fixed”. Such a joke!! It has never been fixed, we are all still sick and just recently lost our home because of all the mess the mold and ignorant, unprofessionals did. We still have mold illness, our son is gone forever, our lives were completely changed by this in sooooo many ways…. I work hard to help other people learn and identify what is going on with them and hope that someday, something can be done to better assist families in these situations and more.

  12. I live in a 248 yr old home. The ‘rental units’ have been remodeled and are new.

    We have a tenant in one of the ‘new’ units that is now pregnant and wondering about mold.

    The house is old. It has been remodeled. The basement may have mold and that is where the laundry room that is an extra to them is.


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