black mold in walls


when i mived in a few months ago the walls by the window had a blu discoloration my landloard said he would pain over he never did  a few nights ago i started getting a horrible smell in my house and i went over to my wall and there was some kind of animal trying to get out by the light socket it had ate around it my landloard still wouldnt fix it or let me trade apartments even when he came in an seen the whole the rodent got out of during the few minutes he was there i called the fire dept to come over about the wiring and my whole wall was filled with black mold to the point it was crumbling i have photos and video footage the fire dept has my son has severe asthma i told the landloard this and he said he would hate for me to have to pay for a hotel ive been at my siters for a few days

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asked July 29, 2012

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