Mold in hotel…

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I work in a hotel and there are many rooms that has a smelly musty spell upon inspecting room in which that is my job housekeeping supervision behind the wall paper in the bathroom is black ┬ápinkage color on the entire wall so I went in some other room and what I saw mad me sick I told the general manager he stated to me there’s mold in all the hotels in the south I was shocked now that explains why I suffering from allergies and a lot of the girls getting sick I have taken many,many pictures and it is bad what can I do….one of the guest checked out of the hotel because his wife had gotten sick he told them it smelled moldy and his wife has allergies…

asked December 2, 2012

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please check them out they have alot of usefull information and they can get you tested and also refer you to someone who can hel you.

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