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2 Easy Steps to Mold Removal

What Should I Remember When Removing Mold?

There are two easy to remember steps when it comes to knowing how to remove mold.

  • Cleanup
  • Prevention

Combine these two easy steps together and you know how to remove mold. It is nearly impossible to completely remove mold spores from the air around us, because they’re floating everywhere looking for an optimal place to land and reproduce.

Preventing mold from growing is the main goal every individual trying to remove mold must have.

Getting rid of mold would never be necessary if prevention worked every time. Yet, there are still times when mold DOES grow even when everything is done to prevent it.

If you were to clean the area affected with mold and remove all visible signs of mold invasion, but leave the problem unfixed, will the mold magically be gone forever? Of course not! Mold will always grow back if the problem is not taken care of. In the same way, if the problem is fixed, yet the visible mold is left to grow and prosper – it will continue to grow and thrive happily.

But together – Fixing the problem by removing moisture (in most cases) from the equation AND cleaning the affected area – Mold Removal is easy AND it works!

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3 thoughts to “2 Easy Steps to Mold Removal”

  1. “It is impossible to remove mold spores from the air around us, because they’re floating everywhere looking for an optimal place to land and reproduce”

    This isn’t entirely correct. Frequently during mold remediations, mold building materials are removed in a containment. A significant factor in the efficay of the containment is a HEPA filtered negative air machine. A properly functioning HEPA filtered device will filter 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns are larger.

    If you look at refrence for mold particle size, most molds are 3-4 microns or larger. The negative air machine can remove a significant amount of mold from the volume of air it is effecting. This is commonly called scrubbing the air.

  2. Thank you for visiting MoldBlogger and catching the oversite. We fixed it!

    Joslyn from the MoldBlogger Team

  3. Despite the fact that you might not visually see anything left behind where it once was,
    mold can survive in the air and on surfaces even though you can’t
    see it. If you should choose to ignore these fungi when at
    inception, it could develop into a fatal infestation. The
    whole lecture on mold and mold removal alone covers botany, home economics, chemistry,
    common ailments, the atmosphere and force among other things.

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