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Asthma and Mold in Children

Mold Affects Children’s Ability to Play and Have Fun

Mold can be dangerous to children with asthma or bronchial infection. While a mild asthma attack may not cause any permanent damage, having a severe episode is sometimes bad enough to inhibit breathing and physical functioning.

Considering that children usually spend most of their days at school, and are often involved in exercise and sports on the playground or after school, it is important to keep children’s respiratory systems as healthy as possible.

Symptoms of Mild, Moderate & Severe Asthma Attacks

Symptoms during a mild attack can include becoming out of breath during physical activity, feeding, or talking. In some cases, a child may take longer to eat because they need frequent interruptions for more air.

Moderate episodes caused increased breathlessness during talking and feeding, while severe asthma attacks can render a child breathless while simply sitting up or sleeping. This can lead to confusion, blackouts, and breathing cessation.


While mold is not necessarily the number one asthma trigger for children, following some prevention methods, and eliminating mold the instant it is suspected, is extremely important in maintaining children’s respiratory health and function.

You could reduce the chances of your child developing asthma by half, which is a great incentive to know how to identify and treat mold in your home.

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10 thoughts to “Asthma and Mold in Children”

  1. My three oldest children share a bedroom in which we just found mold where a mattress was pushed up against the wall during the winter. All three of the children spent the last seven weeks sick with many different cold, flus and ear, throat and respiratory infections. Is there a chance that their illnesses were affected by the mold problem? Will our cleanup of the mold, as you described, help our children become healthy again?

  2. Danielle –

    The symptoms you describe may definitely be related to mold exposure sickness.

    For a list of more common symptoms read both of the following posts :

    Impact of Mold on Thoughts, Emotion, and Personality

    Symptoms of Mold Exposure and Who is at Risk

    Seven weeks is most certainly a long period of time for children to be sick just with something “going around.” If their being sick IS related (as it appears to be), removing ALL of the mold (visible and non), and being sure to prevent regrowth, should clear up their symptoms and illnesses fairly quickly.

    Something else to note, do they feel better being outside in fresh air, or worse if kept inside near the mold site?

    In any case, remove all visible mold, make sure their is no mold growth in the mattress, or behind the wall where visible mold can be seen. Also, note how the mold originally began growing. Removing the symptoms (visible mold growth) and not the actual problem (perhaps an overabundance of moisture and warmth) will not solve anything as the mold will grow back.

    I wish you all the best Danielle!

    Joslyn from the MoldBlogger Team

  3. My kids have had intermittent and recurring colds, asthma and lots of school absenteeism. They live most of the time at their mom’s house which has had flooding in the basementseveral times over several years. I am starting to believe the mold and other growths there may be the cause of the kids frequent health issues. What do I do?

  4. I should add that there are problems between their mom (my ex-wife) and I, so I can’t discuss with her, but need to find another way to get testing done or involve some other party in assisting us??? I don’t want to get into any legal mess or involve Friend of teh Court, etc.

  5. Hi i m kid is 2yrs ,in the 5month kid effected from cough , but nw monthly once is severing from cougn what are the step to take care of my baby pls give me advice.
    doctor advice inhalers asthalin,

  6. Hi, we just moved into a rental house about 3 months ago and just found black mold under the sink. It had to have been there for a long time. We had a contractor come in to see if he can fix the affected area, but he said that this was the worse he has ever seen. So the plan is to rip out the cabinets and get rid of all the affected areas and remodle the kitchen. My question is I have two kids and they both have asthma and have been sick on and off with coughing, runny nose and my daughter just had pneumonia along with asthma, can we stay in the house until they start the remodel, or should we move out until it is all taken care of? They said that it might take a week or so to complete, should we say out of the house the whole time? And is this causing my kids to be sick, because both are at school and usually catch illness from school also. And advise will help. Thank you

  7. If you are a homeowner for five years and then mold developes is there any type of help you can receive to get ride of the mold. Or is it even possible to remove mold from a centerblock home?

  8. I’ve been living in a Met house for an year now & which I have inspections every 3 months & I’ve never really went down my basement until I started to smell mold around my house and these little black bugs came from the vent. So I decided to go down the basement and walked in my whole side of one wall has a lot of black mold and black bugs flying around it and now it’s saying to form around my tub… I also have a two year old and a10 month old that was recently diagnose with asthma, bronchitis and my youngest now have kidney problems . Idk what I should do Please help!!! Thanks

  9. This post highlights some really helpful tips on asthma in children, its symptoms and preventive measures. I recently read some articles on related to bronchial asthma, wheezing, breathlessness and other breathing problems. I found it really helpful.

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