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Bathroom Wall Mold Removal Tips

The CDC reports that mold spores may easily enter your home via openings to the outside, such as doors, windows and even the cooling and heating system intake vents. They can attach to your clothes and remain dormant until favorable conditions are met, leading to their revival and growth. All mold needs is warmth and moisture to bloom into life, thus your bathroom makes the best place for it to thrive. It is very important to remove mold from your environment, as it can easily find its way into your respiratory tract and into your lungs, causing issues with those of us suffering allergies or asthma. The following tips will cover what you can do to keep them away from the walls of your home:

  • Proper ventilation is key to keeping your bathroom safe from mold. You should always ventilate or open the bathroom to prevent its buildup. Make sure you keep the levels of humidity around your home within 40-60% by using a dehumidifier during the months where these levels spike.
  • Mold removal can be done by using several different products, from chemical to natural in origin. Regardless of your choice you should keep in mind that most chemicals used for this purpose require you to wear protection. There is a good reason for that, since they are most often harsh enough to cause irritation. Wear proper rubber gloves, mask and eye protection if you’re cleaning a large concentration of mold since the bathroom’s confined space will concentrate the fumes of these chemicals. On the other hand you can always use natural cleaning materials such as vinegar, tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract.
  • Keep your windows open and turn on the bathroom ventilation on each time after you take a bath so you’ll allow the place to dry out quickly. Spray the affected area with your chosen cleaners and allow them to work their magic by letting them sit for about 30 minutes or so. Once that is done you should grab a wet sponge and wipe the spot down. If the mold persists you should repeat the process until you’ve eliminated all of it.
  • Once you’re done cleaning you can seal the spot by spraying it with an anti-mold solution. This will help keep it at bay from the walls and will stop its formation as time goes by. You should apply it to make sure you’ll have less of these issues in the future. You should keep in mind that these products are relatively expensive, but thankfully you don’t need much to eliminate mold.
  • Alternately you can make a mold remover by mixing bleach and water together in a 1 cup to 1 gallon ratio. You can also use distilled white vinegar to kill most common mold as well if you don’t mind the smell. These cleaners will require more work, but they will be much cheaper as well.

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