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Benefits of Fitting Mold Removal into Any Budget

By Vincent Marone

When someone discovers mold in their home or office, a safe assumption would presume that person is ready to remove the toxic fungus as soon as possible.  That is, until researching the cost of a mold remediation specialist.  However, time is of the essence and choosing a lower-priced mold removal services may cost the property owner more in the end.

An age-old axiom warns consumers with six simple words: “You get what you pay for.”  While driving a hard bargain may behoove some shoppers looking for a good deal, paying for safe, efficient service is vital when it comes to a person’s most valuable investment.

Should a home or business owner encounter mold in their property, they can count on one thing: depreciation of the value of their property.  Insurance companies and inspectors will deem a property value “zero” when mold is involved due to the innumerable legal implications that may surface during or after a sales transaction.

It is important for property owners to fit mold removal into their budget because a majority of insurance companies do not cover the service.  Property owners will use this reason as an excuse to hire the services of an inexpensive alternative to a more reputable mold removal specialist.  On the contrary, home and business owners should measure the value of service they will be receiving by spending less.

Mold experts SI Restoration created a Mold Cost Table to help consumers understand the value of quality mold removal services.  By breaking down each level of service, consumers are able to better understand why value is key when dealing with their most treasured investment.

Insurance and Bonds – Property owners must ensure the remediation specialist they choose is sufficiently covered for potential damages caused to their property during the mold remediation process.  Even reputable companies make mistakes from time to time.  However, if a smaller company without enough insurance makes a mistake, the property owner is stuck with the damage and the bill.

IICRC Certified Technicians – The IICRC is a non-profit company that creates and governs ethical mold remediation practices.  The IICRC S520 Guidelines are critical to ensuring safe, healthy and efficient mold removal.  The likelihood is that all lower-priced restoration companies will not be able to provide certified techs for the project due to costs of obtaining proper certification and training.

Containment of the Mold Outbreak – For the same reasons properties owners are not advised to handle mold removal on their own, smaller restoration companies are unlikely to provide proper safety precautions by charging less for their service.  Containing the fungal outbreak is essential for two main reasons:

Mold will do its best to survive.  If mold is touched, it will send thousands of spores, or seeds, into the air to find a new area to colonize.  By failing to set up a containment area, mold can grow in other rooms of the property, in carpets, on furniture, on clothing and even get into the ventilation and HVAC systems.

Touching mold without proper personal protective equipment can cause severe allergic reactions like, high fever, shortness of breath, eye irritation and skin irritation.

Unbiased Mold Testing – Low-cost companies who advertise “free” testing are selling a conflict of interest to potential clients.  Mold testing should always be completed by a non-affiliated, third-party industrial hygienist.  Without an unbiased tester, restoration companies can manipulated test results to benefit themselves and take advantage of the consumer.  Dependable restoration companies will only work when a third-party hygienist is involved and even have a comprehensive list of non-affiliated testers for the consumer to choose from.

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3 thoughts to “Benefits of Fitting Mold Removal into Any Budget”

  1. When my house suffered water damage I was not even aware how harmful and threatening mold could be. I called a
    disaster repair expert to help get my home back to new.

  2. I always recommend using a professional when it comes to mold removal. Only small jobs can be handled by your average home owner and that’s only if the factors are right. As the article says though, you should definitely research whoever you’re thinking of using before using them to make sure they check out. Look for reviews from other customers as well as what credentials they have! Thanks for posting, great article.

  3. Good points, I agree re: only tackling the smaller surface mold jobs yourself. The problem I have seen a number of times is the lack of dealing with the cause e.g. water damage, broken roof tiles, busted pipes etc.

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