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black mold cleaning

Black Mold Cleaning Tips

If you happen to spot any black mold in your home, you must do everything you can to remove it as soon as possible before the infestation spreads throughout your home. Black mold is very toxic to humans and animals, being the source of serious health issues. There is a bit you must know about the mold itself before you try to focus on cleaning it. We still recommend you look for professional help when you’re handling things as this is a dangerous task. The following tips will give you some idea about what you can expect:

Protection from Mold
Remember that black mold spores can easily become airborne. You should make sure you wear a good-quality face mask when you’re cleaning. Wear rubber gloves and ensure the toxic mold doesn’t make skin contact. If it gets into your lungs or on your skin you may develop some serious problems as a result, so pay attention. Make sure you’re ventilating the room well during the cleaning.

Fixing the Leak
Once you’re done with the cleaning you will need to locate the source of the problem, which may be anything from excessive moisture to a cracked pipe. Dry the area and remove the excessive moisture as quickly and decisively as possible, as damp conditions will easily bring back the problem due to the hardiness of mold spores. All it takes is a day or two and your unwanted guests might be back.

Containment procedures
Make sure you isolate the affected areas from the rest of the home and treat this as an infestation rather than your regular cleaning. Spores can easily be stirred and spread through the air, bringing the problem into other rooms or into the lungs of your family, friends or roommates.

Dealing with dust
Make sure you also pay attention to the amount of dust you create while you’re cleaning out the black mold. Dust is an excellent vessel of transportation for mold spores so you must make sure you minimize the amount of it during cleaning.

Misting as a solution
If you’re cleaning a surface that happens to be dry you should mist it slightly with water, as a dry surface will help spread the mold spores far and wide during scrubbing. Make sure you avoid soaking the surface either, as this would only help the mold grow in the long run.

Cleaning supplies
The materials you can use for natural cleaning of black mold can be focused on a few useful items. To begin with, you can use tea tree oil to completely eradicate most mold as it is. Tea tree oil acts as a very powerful natural fungicide which works extremely well even in small quantities. Combine a teaspoon of tea tree oil in about a cup of water and use that to wipe the area clean of mold. You can use a concentration of it if you feel you need to get the job done at stubborn spots.

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