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Book Review: “What Every Home Owner Needs to Know About Mold..”

If you have existing problems with mold in your home, or if you suspect possible contamination – or just need to know how to prevent mold from growing in your home, Vicki Lankarge’s book “What Every Home Owner Needs to Know About Mold & What to Do About It” contains the information you need to get rid of mold and keep it out!

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She also provides good quality prevention methods to keep homes free of mold growth and contamination as well as remediation ideas for different parts of the home.

She begins by giving an informative background of mold, an a story which demonstrates – Anyone’s home can become contaminated with black mold – so don’t feel bad!

She gives important lessons on how to deal with water damage, moisture prevention, common places to look for mold, as well as legal damage claims to name a few.

I would advise anyone dealing with mold problems to read her book. Its short, its easy, and you can learn alot! I know I did.

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Over the past several weeks and months we have featured some of the main topics discussed in her book. I’ve listed them below – take a look, and read Vicki Lankarge’s “What Every Home Owner Needs to Know about Mold and What to Do About It” to find out more!!

8 Posts Featuring Content from the Book

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3 thoughts to “Book Review: “What Every Home Owner Needs to Know About Mold..””

  1. We’re finding a different solution…and we’re winning the war on Mold with new technology.

    In many cases, the mold is caused by a poorly designed HVAC system. These are the kind of situations where we’re getting a lot of pull…and solving the mold issue…log-stock-and-barrel.

    Its just that homeowners don’t understand that too large of an A/C is often causing the problem.

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