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College Dorms Mold Nightmares

Picked up this story from the ‘Equinox’ of Keen State University this morning. Apparently they’re having some real trouble with mold in the college dorms! Check out the excerpt:

The nightmare continued for students in the Owl’s Nest 3 apartment as physical plant staff tried to find out what was happening.

Handling a Health Issue

The process for filing a health complaint about a residence, according to Jim Carley, associate director of Residential Life, is the same as filing a maintenance request where the Residential Life staff would be notified and they would notify the physical plant staff.

Frank Mazzola, director of the physical plant, said, “The first group to investigate it would be the housekeeping department. They would have the resources to neutralize a minor problem.”

Click here for the rest of the story!

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2 thoughts to “College Dorms Mold Nightmares”

  1. Wow, I can totally relate. When I was in college we had some major mold issues. I guess we should have cleaned every once in a while… Thanks for the great site

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