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Exposure to Mold: Allergies

What Does Mold Exposure Cause?

Some of the complications that can result from an allergic person being exposed to mold are:

  • Symptoms that resemble hay fever:Although all allergic people respond differently to various allergens, it is common for them to experience hay-fever like symptoms. These can include sneezing, a watery nose, and itchy eyes.
  • An asthma attack:Many individuals who suffer with allergies also develop asthma. For someone who is sensitive to mold, being exposed to household mold can trigger an asthma attack, which can be not only uncomfortable but serious as well.
  • Skin conditions:Most allergy symptoms are associated with breathing. However, many people experience serious skin reactions if they are exposed to household mold. Anything from a small red rash on one area of the skin to a sensation that the skin is burning are possible.
  • Serious lung problems:Although rare, it is possible for an individual with allergies to develop serious lung problems. This resembles a severe case of asthma and is characterized by breathing problems, including wheezing and an increased level of mucus.If a person is not aware that they are in an environment that is ripe with household mold, their health problems may continually increase.

What Should You Do if you Have These Symptoms of Mold Exposure?

If you experience any of these symptoms, visit your physician immediately. Make sure to explain that you have had exposure to mold, so that he or she may correctly diagnose the condition.

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12 thoughts to “Exposure to Mold: Allergies”

  1. Me and my family have recently been exposed to mold. My children are 1 & 5. They seem to be fine. But since we have realized what we are dealing with, i’ve noticed I dont feel the same. nasal congestion, mucus in my throat, tired, just all these different body changes,, what shoud i do? help!

  2. Shevvon, We have a system that will help treat the symptoms you are having. Whether it’s mold or just allergens in your air, our system will actually kill the mold and prevent it from returning. It works first in your duct work system, then in the air and finally on surfaces! Please check us out on the web or visit us on Face Book.
    Don’t suffer any longer!

  3. My bdrm celeing was leaking and soon after fell in it took wks for the landlord to fix so when it rained I had plastic over the big hole. I’ve noticed that since then I’m not in my bdrm more then a hr and I get bad headaches and when I get up in the am I’m all off balance and almost fall. The only that was done doen when it was fixed was tear the rest of the celeing off and redo it. You could see all the wood up in there and whatever else there was. The water that poured in when it rained was brown and smelly. Can there be mold up in there? Please help

  4. my bed room stay moist I dnt know if because I leave my window open even my bed sheets feel moist

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