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Dangerous Mold: Who is at Risk?

How Do You Know if You’re At Risk?

If you suffer from allergies, you are probably aware of exactly what will trigger an attack. You work very hard to avoid these allergens mainly because you want to save yourself the discomfort and health complications associated with it.

However prudent they are with avoiding the things that cause their allergy attacks, not everyone who has allergies is aware of all their triggers.

The same is true of people who aren’t even aware that they are allergic to anything at all. They may find themselves having a serious medical reaction to a substance such as mold and have no idea why.

Who is Most At Risk?

There are certain individuals who are more at risk for developing complications when exposed to dangerous household mold. If you fall into one of these groups you need to be aware of your risk:

  • People with allergies:Although this seems obvious, it’s important to consider how they are exposed to mold. People with allergies to dust will realize that mold may trigger an attack. However, what if you aren’t allergic to dust, are you safe around mold? The answer is surprising.Many people are allergic to mold that is ingested instead of inhaled. This means that for a person without a dust allergy they can have a serious reaction if they eat something containing mold. Foods such as mushrooms, dried fruits and soy sauce can cause this reaction.
  • People with compromised immune systems:Our immune systems work to ward off illness and allergies. If a person has been through chemotherapy, is living with HIV or has an inherited autoimmune disease, they are more likely to react to being exposed to mold. Mold is a very strong allergen and for someone without their immune system to protect them, they can quickly develop complications.
  • People with lung disease:Just as a person with a compromised immune system may be more prone to complications caused by mold, the same is true of those with an underlying lung problem. Mold, when breathed in, can become lodged within the lungs. For someone with a lung condition, this can lead to a worsening of their symptoms or in some cases infection.

Why Does It Matter?

Although household mold is not safe for anyone, it can lead to serious problems for a person who is at risk. Most people who are not allergy sufferers don’t consider the health complications that can occur when exposed to something like household mold.

They may step into their shower each day oblivious to the fact, that the mold that can be found there is causing them to fill ill. Even when they visit their physician they may not come away with the proper diagnosis because the doctor has no idea that mold is a problem.

It’s important to keep mold under control before it does cause a problem. Keeping your home free of excess moisture is a good start. Properly cleaning any mold build-up will also keep you and your family safer and healthier.

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13 thoughts to “Dangerous Mold: Who is at Risk?”

  1. there was a pipe leak and water in half of house and air ducts are covered in black mold also. Mold under the wood floor and I am sure airborne. Could this give my dog an inner ear infection, vomiting, can barely walk and the left side of body droopy

  2. My partner and I are renting an apartment from an estate agent. After living here for about a year, we now have mould in the shower between the tiles.
    I called the estate agent to let them know about the problem, which I think is a health risk particularly as we sleep next to this bathroom.
    They came back to me saying I could use ‘Kill Rock’ to remove it and that it wasn’t unhealthy or dangerous at all.
    Wouldn’t ‘Kill Rock just remove it superficially? Isn’t mould in the shower a health risk?

  3. For the past 2 months we have been getting severe rainstorms which cause minor and major flooding in areas where i live I have been sick on and off of the past month. It begins with sneezing and stuffy nose and the first time this occured it went into an upper respitory in fection, another rain storm came or course im at work and same thing however this time my throat starting becoming raw. last night we had horrible rain down pours while at work again instantly i started sneezing , eyes became red and nose so stopped up that by the end of work shift i can no longer breath through my nose at all. I felt like i was goin crazy i am finishing up my last antibiotic from last time i wake up this morning and the whole left side of my throat is swollen nearly shut this time, I also started having hives last night all over and my skin felt like it was burning. I am goin to emergency room today but do i report this to someone what do i do, I am in a real financial bind and cant afford to miss work. My daughter said as i slept i would wake up gasping for air, truly lost at what to do. I feel like work is the cause and thinking there is some mold somewhere at work.

  4. Ronda, unfortunately, there are no laws or rtnglaeious requiring landlords or property management companies to disclose mold problems or to have mold inspections or mold testing. There are rtnglaeious stating that a rental property or apartment has to be a safe environment and this is the responsibility of the rental property owner. However, they do not have to prove it. The burden of proof is on the tenant. You will have to prove that the major mold infestation is still a problem and is an unsafe environment. The tenant has to pay for an inspection and testing to prove the mold contamination if the landlord or owner or property management company will not do it. Best of luck dealing with this. I am not sure where you are located, but if you are in any of our areas, Texas, California, Colorado, Oregon, or Washington, we might be able to help you. You can find us here: Nathan

  5. When i was in the military, i lived in base housing with my wife and two small children. It was about this time that i learned a lot about how badly black mold can effect our health. What started as feeling like bad allergies ballooned into major health issues for the kiddos. Long story short they just painted over it, so we ended up moving off base. Now that i’m a homeowner i do not mess around with mold, i have a good housecleaning company come in a few times a month and do a thorough, deep cleaning. This has helped tremendously with my sons asthma and my wife’s allergies. money well spent if you ask me.

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