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Does Your Home Have Mold?

How to Know if Your Home has Mold

Are you a present homeowner, or considering buying your first home? Because buying a home is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime, it is just as important to make sure you’re making a GOOD investment without having to deal with mold problems in the future.

So how can you tell your home, or prospective home is contaminated with mold?

According to Michael Pugliese, author of “The Homeowner’s Guide to Mold,” there are 2 general indicators that a home may be mold infested :

  • A Musty Smell (Approximately 90 % of homes with mold have this)
  • Evidence of a water leak or condensation

What Kinds of Questions Should I Ask?

When buying a home, it is important to find out from the previous owner or realtor if there has ever been moisture or mold problems. Know this kind of information before signing any contracts or paying for your home.

Pugliese in his same book, also lists 16 questions that can guide the conversation with your realtor to get all of the important information :

  • What is the condition of the home’s roof? How old is it? Has it ever been replaced or patched? If the roof was replaced because of leaking, how long had it leaked?
  • Have you had a chimney, dormer, vent pipe, or other flashing repairs done?
  • Have you had window casings or trim replaced?
  • Have you had any repairs made to your siding?
  • Have you ever replaced the hot water heater? When? Was it due to leaks?
  • How is your air conditioning unit functioning? Have you ever had any condensation line or pump back up?
  • Is the heating and/or central air conditioning system in the crawlspace or attic? If so, has it ever leaked?
  • Has the dishwasher ever overflowed?
  • Have any of the sinks or toilets leaked?
  • Has the refrigerator or icemaker ever leaked water?
  • Has the washing machine ever leaked, backed up, or overflowed?
  • Have you ever had sewage back up?
  • Have you ever had a broken pipe anywhere in the house?
  • Have you ever had flooding throughout the home?
  • Have you had any problems with moisture in your crawlspace?
  • Have you replaced the shower unit or tile? (Shower leaks share top billing for causes of water damage)

Already a Homeowner?

You should know most if not all of these questions. Ask yourself each question, and if any of the above have been a problem it may be a good idea to test and think about remediation procedures.

Further Recommended Reading :

Joslyn from the MoldBlogger Team

Source: Pugliese, Michael. “The Homeowner’s Guide to Mold.” 15-17.

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  1. Another thing to mention is that there are ways you can help to protect your home from mold. Dehumidifiers are a good start, but if you really want to banish the nasty mold odor permanently, you’ll probably want to try crawl space encapsulation, a process by which your crawlspace is completely protected from moisture and mold.

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