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Fighting Mold After Hurricane Ike


SEA BROOK, Texas – Hurricane Ike caused millions in damages and now some homeowners are finding they have to fight the mold the storm left behind.


Expect a wave of more and more stories about damages caused by the recent hurricanes. This story shared some personal testimonies of victims of the mold damage and steps they took to fight back. Includes a video.

Source: KHOU News Houston, TX

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6 thoughts to “Fighting Mold After Hurricane Ike”

  1. This is going to be such an added burden in the midst of the cleanup effort. Very useful information.

  2. I work for a mold remediation company in the Pacific Northwest and agree with everything in this article. It’s not enough that mold is gross and smelly and destroys everything in its wake, or that it can really make you sick – I can’t tell you the number of calls I get about mold and illness! But what’s most frustrating is that it’s so easily spread by unsuspecting homeowners who are just trying to clean it up. The spores number in the millions upon millions and they can go everywhere throughout your house and continue to create havoc. If you have mold, you really want to invest the money in getting it professionally removed – or you may end up spending twice as much on your own – and THEN have to hire a pro!

  3. Mold is not something to mess with even though it looks like nothing you should always get it tested. The cost is around $350 with a good local company. Plus you will find out what kind of mold it is plus how to kill it because all molds are not created equal.

  4. I had mold in my basement last year and I did nothing about it and it spread all the way up my wall and not only did I have to fix my water problem but I also had to replace all of my dry wall in my entire basement. Kill the mold right away do not wait is my advice

  5. Knowing how to fix the problem and why your basement leaks is the first step in fixing the problem. You need not mess with mold for mold can make you and your family really really sick.

  6. I have Multiple Sclerosis. The hot, humid Midwestern summers make all my MS symptoms worse. And the cold, snowy winters zap what energy fighting MS leaves me. I have seriously considered moving to the Pacific NW, because the climate is more temperate. However, I am very worried about mold. I am allergic to mold due to over-exposure as a teen. I don’t want to trade one set of health problems for another. I lived in N. Germany and in England w/o problems. Those climates can be damp. However, I was also younger than. My allergies are getting worse with age. Asthma runs in my family. Any advice?

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