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Flooded Oklahoma Town Facing Mold Problems


An Oklahoma town that was the scene of severe flooding earlier this month is now having problems with mold.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the mold problems in some parts of Blackwell could be hazardous to the health of the residents there.


With Hurricane season in full swing, this story is a good sample of what many other towns will be facing as they deal with an explosion in mold growth within the affected areas.

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Source: KOCO News 5

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3 thoughts to “Flooded Oklahoma Town Facing Mold Problems”

  1. Who can I contact to make arrangements to go to flooded areas and test for mold. I am a Certified Mold Inspector and Remediation Contractor and would be happy to get on a plane to areas effected by flooding.

  2. Liz,

    I just spoke with the director of ACTS World Relief. They’re currently working with over 3200 volunteers in disaster affected zones here in the US. To contact them directly, go to:

    He mentioned that for anyone interested in doing contracting work (there are quite a few people on the scenes) the best thing is to report to the local city hall.

    If you decide to go, keep us informed. We’d be happy to collaborate and provide coverage here on MoldBlogger.

    Jonathan Wold

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