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2 New Uses for Mold

What Makes Mold Bad?

Fungi or molds are not only used as nutritional delicacies, recently in Africa a team of scientists has discovered another use for the badly publicized fungus family.

    • African Foods

Toxic chemicals known as aflatoxins, a type of mycotoxin, are being produced by fungus that is normally found in common African foods.

This “bad” fungus is strongly linked to stunted growth in African children and is also known to cause liver cancer and blood diseases.

The experiment will introduce a benign fungus and have it outgrow, and presumably exclude, the dangerous one. The project is viewed to help reduce aflatoxins in African staple crops and make food safer to eat.

    • Recreational Sports

While in recreational sports, a fungus called Chondrosterum purpureum is now being tested for use in managing rights of way in ski slopes.

Instead of using herbicide or cutting trees down, this fungus does the job a lot cheaper and more effectively.

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