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How to Stop Basement Mold Growth

If you have a wet and moldy basement that may be due to a number of issues such as broken water pipes, spills, cracks in the foundations letting water in and more. This could become a threat to your health and your home, so you will need to do what you can to prevent it from growing. The following steps should be undertaken if you want to take control of the situation and save your basement before its too late:

  • Make sure you keep your basement well-ventilated at all times. If you have a proper air flow, then you will have a much easier time stopping the mold growth inside. Open your basement doors and windows, but if you can’t do that you should ensure you place some fans inside to circulate the air.
  • Remove all the soft and wet items from around the basement as soon as possible. Wet or damp items will maintain the moisture and humidity levels inside there, which will promote more growth of mold. You should pay special attention to carpeting, boxes, clothes, books and the like as they can soak up a whole lot of water.
  • You should ensure that the vent of your clothes dryer is blowing its air outside the house or apartment. If you have a clogged dryer, then you may be helping the growth of mold inside the basement. You can go outside to test the effectiveness of the vent while it runs, so you can see if the air goes out. Remove any lint from the inside of the dryer and make sure you have proper airflow.
  • Insulate the basement’s windows and pipes to keep condensation out during the cold winter months. If you have a basement that keeps being wet as a result of ice or water forming on your windows and pipes, this may lead to mold growth all over the place. Use fiberglass insulation or pipe sleeves to wrap the pipes or cover them in order to prevent the condensation from affecting the basement.
  • Run a dehumidifier in the basement to ensure all excess moisture is drawn from the air and removed from it. This should help you keep the mold to a minimum when possible. You should make sure you set it to work if you have a humidity level over 60% to stunt and destroy the growth.
  • Make sure rainwater redirects away from your basement and home, as if it gets closer to it it may seep through the base and help mold growth. To do that you need to ensure you have your drains and gutters free of debris so they can flow freely.
  • Check out the outside of the home and make sure your grounds are sloping away from your home. If that doesn’t happen you may have water seeping in, so you will need to make sure it does. You can either add soil to the grounds to let it slope away or you can contact a contractor for additional help.
  • Remove all plants from your basement as they may help spread the spores through their soil when its moist. Remove the plants and place them somewhere else around the house to avoid that.
  • Vacuum all surfaces with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner, as this will remove most of the mold spores from the area safely.

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