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Hurricane Survivor: Should I be concerned about mold from water leaks?

Question: We recently went through Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike. We lost most of our metal roof on our home during Gustav and when Ike came we realized we had a leak and it started dripping through our ceiling. We were able to stop the leak by putting a tarp on our roof but not before it started leaking. Should I be concerned about mold? If so how should I tend to the area to make sure there is no mold and if there is how can I get rid of it? I do have a 10 month old baby that I am most concerned about.

Answer: Hi Concerned, You should always be concerned about Mold once you have had a water leak.  Mold is a known health hazard. The most important thing you need to  do is repair the water damaged area of the ceiling.  Once this is completed if you are still concerned you can wash down the walls and ceiling with unscented soap and water. This should look after any surface Mold that may be present.  Mold is only a concern when it grows in our living spaces.  Control Mould in your living spaces live a healthier life.

Jim Thomas, of, is a Master Carpenter and C.I.E. (Certified Indoor Environmentalist) with 35+ years of experience in the restoration industrial including a specialization in mold remediation.

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5 thoughts to “Hurricane Survivor: Should I be concerned about mold from water leaks?”

  1. Yes, because of the nature of water humidity and building materials that become fodder for mold, we recommend an inspection from a competent firm. Once you receive the lab results and they confirm the presence of mold, a remediation is in order. Our website will give details about a groundbreaking technology for the treatment of serious mold issues.

  2. Dear Hurricane Survivor,

    I’m sure you and the other residents in your area have had a very tough time of it. I have spent quite a bit of time in the Houston area and I know how humid it is down there. Even without a Hurricane and Water damage, that whole area is a breeding ground for Mold. It is a good idea to treat the air to prevent mold, kill bacteria and just enjoy fresh air. Our company ( provides machines that produce Active Oxygen that kills Mold/Mildew that will circulate air through your whole house if you have central heat and air conditioning. If not we have machines that purify the air that can plug into any three pronged outlet that you can set up on each floor of your house that will run 24/7, very quietly and inexpensively and safely. These machines change the quality of the air they don’t filter it. The air is completely sanitized, not only of Mold but all types of bacteria, so it will kill odors and oxidize toxic chemicals through the process of oxidation. This is NOT Ozone, but higher allotropes of Oxygen that is much more powerful and completely safe to run 24/7 because our machines DO NOT produces Oxides of Nitrogen.

    Please give me a call if you have any questions 888-203-5954;

  3. I have been sicker and sicker for almost 10 years and almost died. Then I discovered mold in my home. I had to gut my entire basement due to the mold and my health. My insurance did not pay due to not having flood insurance so I want to deduct it from my taxes. I see I can if it was my rental but this is my home. Can you help?

  4. Hurricane is the very serious natural disaster. There are many problems in the house due to effect of hurricane. The main problem is water leaking. Water leak problem arise due to poor construction joints, corrosion points and small structural material cracks and progress to a terrible ending. There is tool called Water leak detectors which help us in detecting and restricting leaks.

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