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Linda Minarik Fights Back

View her video above and contribute to her indiegogo page here. As of February 13 there are only 19 days left.

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One thought to “Linda Minarik Fights Back”

  1. I went through an apartment with large quantities of mold. It almost killed me. I have pictures of my esophagus and there is a large amount of white stuff which was tested for a yeast infection and came out negative. They could not find anything wrong with me, all tests came back negative. I ended up in the hospital twice in 2010, and went down to 99.5lbs. An hour after I ate, I would get violently ill. The stuff that was in my throat was pushed into my stomach. I had a lawyer that totally screwed me and took advantage of me. There needs to be some sort of level put on mold for the amount that a human can stand. Mold is not regulated here in MA. They have done this in NY within the last couple years. I am more sensitive to humidity, my breathing has never been the same, and my skin has never been the same. It affected everything in my life. My land lady was insensitive and had no regard for human life. She lied, put on tears at he drop of a hat and stopped the tears just as fast when she knew that it would not help her. Something needs to be done before a death occurs. I am glad that children did not live there or anyone elderly because they would have died. The house had the same insulation that was put in it over 70 years earlier. It was what the mold was attached to that was the most detrimental to my health.

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