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Sallie in Madison, Alabama

I along with my staff was exposed to toxic mold in the work place. We kept getting sick so much and we had no idea why. Someone who had a business next door mentioned we might have mold. I always thought of mold as being on bread and cheese, never dreaming it would cause health issues.

After testing we found out our air conditioner had been leaking and falling through the cross space. We had no idea, it was out of site out of mind. Also, my duct work from my office to the crawlspace was not attached, so we were also breathing in what ever was under the building.

This began with unexplained illnesses in 2005, 2006 and got terribly worse in 2007. I thought I was dying I could not walk, could not focus, my memory was terrible, could not complete sentences, talked in cirlces, tremors, coated tongue, fatiqued, depressed, swelling, dry cough, forgot how to do things at work that I had done for the last 15 and half years. Felt like I was going to pass out quite a bit, could not hold my head up, blood pressure up and down, short fused and very emotional too. My staff and I flew to Dallas, TX to see a Dr Johnson there after being tested for exposure by a Dr Holland out of Dallas as well. I had high levels of tricopisences (?), sorry I have no idea how to spell, that’s an issue for me as well. Also, high levels of Aflatoxin and Octratoxins. My entire staff has high levels as well. We found out pretty quick that insurance does not cover any testing nor treatment when it comes to detoxing. So for the last x amount of years of being sick we are still unable to get treatment. We are now in a suit against the people that we leased the building from in order to get treatment. This suit has been going on since 2007. We are just now finished with our depositions and now waiting on our attorney to start on deposing who we are suing.

It has been a nightmare that none of us can wake up from, as I am sure everyone feels like this too. My doctor’s here think I am nuts, I have traveled from Ohio, Ky, TX and Alabama and was never diagnosed or treatment given. No one understands mold exposuer and what Mycotoxins can do to your heath. My husband of 35 years thought I was nuts and we ended up splitting up. I have never felt so alone then I felt at that point. We have since gotten back and he feels horrible not believeing me and now is totally supportive. I found a nurologist in Alabama that has been treating me for smptoms and now as of November 2010 I was told I had MS. I have had the smyptoms since 2006-07. He kept testing me for a year and a half, I asked him if I got all these toxins out of my body would the MS go away and he said no, the mold activated the gene in my DNA which probably would never have materized.

I also have diabetes and on two different medication trying to keep it under control. I have no immune system, whcih mold took that from me too. No one knows about mold exposure, except it seems out west or north. I pray for everyone that is ill that has no clue what is wrong with them. Most doctor’s want to give you more anti depressants. Go figure!! Prayers for us that we win this suit so we have enough money to seek treatment. The doctor says I need about 5 years of treatment to get it out of my system, but guess I am stuck with MS and Diabetes and the auto immune diease.


I do have a question for everyone. As I stated we were exposed to mold in the workplace and then shut that office down and moved to another office, which also had mold. My boss told me that the mold in the new office would not hurt us because the mold showing outside was more then inside. Funny how we got worse though and I feel since we had been exposed that where ever we go that has mold we will be able to tell and we also can get sick from it. Is this true? We were getting just as sick in our new building as we were in the old building. Any thoughts?

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