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Pamela in Scottsdale, Arizona

I purchased a manufactured home in a 55 or older community. I paid cash, $35,000 and they jumped on it. As soon as I moved in I started having numerous problems. I had to put new tile in the kitchen twice and I also had to scrub with clorox (I  forgot the other product). I started getting sick all the time. Then, it happened in my bathroom. I pulled up the tile and found black mold. I had to do the same in there.

The real estate agent was well aware of these problems. Now after living here 3 years, I am on Social security Disability, I have breathing difficulties, and I had a brain aneurysm removed May of 2010. I feel like I have the flu every day with horrible headaches. I know there are not cut and dry facts on the damage mold may cause, yet I believe it is very damaging to ones health. The way I feel now tells me this.

I have no extra money to do anything. My income is one fourth of what it was when I was capable of working. I am getting worse every day and to be honest do not believe I will live much longer if in this house. I am depressed due to my energy level. I used to work out, always very active. Now sometimes I ache so bad I can not get out of bed. I am scared and no one will listen. I found out that most Doctors do not know much about mold and how it affects the body. Please, I am slowly dying, I am 53 years old and my body feels like I have had a horrible flu for about 3 years. I am stuck here because my health has become so bad I cannot work. I have noticed when I am out of here I have more energy. PLEASE SOMEONE LISTEN AND HELP ME. Is there not some way to get the real estate agent to take this house back? I have no doubt this house is full of black mold, yet no money to even test it. Thank you. I appreciate anyone that can help me.


  1. Do I have a case for suing the agent?
  2. Can I have him or the previous owners take this place back for what I paid. I have all receipts for the supplies, including the work I did myself.
  3. Is there any lawyer that will take this pro bono?

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