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Denise in Kissimmee, FL

My name is Denise, I’m 23 years old and have a 7 year old son. We just moved into a two bedroom apartment and have had plenty of water damage to our walls and to our carpet. We have also found mold on the carpet, the walls, window ceils, toilet, etc.

I just recently found out that I’m pregnant and have been having complications. I’m dying to move out of this apartment because my son has asthma and bad allergies. We have both been diagnosed with respiratory infections since moving in and we are always coughing and sneezing and have headaches and stomach pains. I’m not sure if these are signs of being affected by the mold.

I want to move but I am afraid that I won’t get my security deposit back and will not have anywhere else to go. I’m not sure what to do and I’m very affraid for my children and myself.


What are my rights when it comes to having mold in your aparment?

Linda in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We own a beautiful old sail boat and we keep it at the dock behind our home. South Florida is a very damp location. We used all types of suggestions to fight the mold that used to grow on our boat. We cleaned with white vinegar and soap, but the mold always came back. Running the air conditioning only slows the return. About three years ago, we discovered a tea tree product that made a real difference. Not only did it stop the mold growth but prevented the return for almost 60 days. The big problem was the stuff is very expensive and smells like bad pine oil, not good at all. Then about 6 months ago we discovered a new product made from essential oils and it has a delightful lemon minty fragrance. Best of all it lasts much longer, up to 120 days and costs less. The two products are Kanberra Gel (selling for $49.99 plus S&H) and the other newer product is PURAFY AIR gel (selling for $39.90 plus S&H). Both 8 ounce products can be purchased on line and we have eliminated the mold problem on the boat. We also keep open containers in our home to eliminate odors from all sources including dog, cat and cooking odors. The PURAFY AIR gel, in our home lasts up to three months and odors don’t return for up to 4 months even when the gel has all evaporated out of the container.

Trish in Seminole, Florida

I have lived in this home for the last 13 years with my 4 children knowing it has mold the last few years. I have even seen black mold after our water heater burst in the laundry room. We have leaking pipes and the house is over 70 years old. But my situation is I am on disability, my insurance company will not pay for the mold to be removed, my health problems are getting worse.

I have COPD, fibromyalgia, asthma, severe sleep apnea, but I can’t afford to move elsewhere so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’ve had 2 mold inspections which they gave us quote of about $35,000, which I can’t afford and they said the insurance would not pay for it. So I’m trying to decide what’s the best route to go before we get any sicker. I have a son who has severe nose bleeds and I just found out that that’s one of the symptoms. My COPD is getting worse even though I quit smoking 2 years ago. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nikki in Pensacola, Florida

I manage an auto glass shop here in Pensacola Florida and I have a severe mold problem. I have been at the district manager to get fixed for a year now. The highly visible mold and the mold water that leaks above my desk is now causing major health issues and I am in fear for my health as well as my 2 year old son that has asthma who is also here at times due to my 54hrs and 6 days a week schedule.

It’s been a year now and I suffer from severe headaches and breathing problems from it. I have had to go to the ER it is so severe and the district managers answer when I explained the Doctor thinks they are related was you need to fix the mold at home as well. And can I prove that with medical test. My response was if she would like to pay for the DR we can check it out and see. I’m not a MD so I’m not sure fyi I have nothing wrong with my home this is observed. What if it’s caused damage that’s there for life? In fear of our health!

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