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Christina in Rochelle, IL

“The Surprise of a New Apartment Renter”

I just moved in an apartment about 3 months ago and when I was viewing it I smelled something weird but I thought that it could be fixed with incense. Now I found out that the smell is mold!

I have 2 small children; a newborn and a toddler that will be 2 this month. The only thing I didn’t want to live with is made possible because I don’t know the smell of mold. I have thrown away many things that have had little rain water on them because of mold. I believe its potato’s growing in the field next to me so I don’t know if it makes it worse. I have tried everything from opening doors to let the air in, using pine sol, to making sure my clothes are dry coming out of the dryer. I have no more solutions. It seems like the apartment is just prone to mold; it wont leave! I need to get rid of it for my health and my childrens. I believe it’s green mold.


Would an air purifier help get rid of mold?

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