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Nicki in Belmont, Massachusetts

I have lived in this small 10 unit apartment for 4 years. It is a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath with a HUGE living room/dining room, and a HUGE master bedroom. Basically a steal for the expensive town we live in. My mother owns a real estate company, and the landlord is one of her clients.

I first saw the mold growing on my ceiling in my bedroom. My landlord told us to clean it with bleach. We did and it never came back. I started waking up daily with these horrible headaches, and gasping for air in the night if the windows were closed. Eventually my spouse and I were waking every morning feeling hungover and soo tired we didn’t want to get up. My bedroom also smells very mildewy and my building is very humid. The ceilings are concrete as well.

We went away for a week and all of our symptoms disapeared. We are now sleeping in the living room and have been for 3 months. The landlord has inspected and can’t see the mold so she thinks there is no problem. I have now a special type of asthma that is caused by an allergen.

I have never had a breathing problem in my life till now. I called a mold inspector who says he can smell the mold but can’t test a smell and can’t report on only a smell. I was going to call the health department but my mom says if I call she won’t ever speak to me again because she will lose the landlord and a lot of money. I have a 3 year old and don’t know what to do.

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