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Donna in Salem, New York

Hi there,

We lived in a house with a very bad mold problem for about 8 yrs. We had remediation done 4 yrs. ago because I was getting sick with neurological symptoms, fatigue, hair loss, etc. After the remediation was done, I got better…but 4 yrs. later, I got sick again. This time it was much worse. I was falling asleep at 11:00 in the afternoon while sitting at my computer typing. My mouth stings, burns, hurts every day. I was pale, lost a lot of hair again, and just felt I had all I could do to keep going. My mouth hurt so badly at times that I could not eat or talk. My one son sneezed as soon as he went into the house, and he was getting nosebleeds. My other son was having trouble waking up in the morning, and I never had any problems with him like that. One morning I really had trouble waking him up and that was when I knew we needed to get out of that house. We moved in Jan. 2011. Even though things were getting better, the mouth pain is still every day. I would also, and still do, get episodes of skin/scalp burning, tingling, etc. I am curious if anyone else that has had mold toxicity has had any of these symptoms. And … what can be done? I want my health back, and also want to make sure no further harm comes to my boys and I and also want to make sure people know how harmful mold is! I really want my mouth to stop hurting. Thankfully, I believe in the power of prayer, and God is helping us through this. It’s a long road to have to go down…but, my trust is in Him. I have been to dr’s upon dr’s, and have yet to find one that will be able to help. Any one out there that can help, or offer up suggestions for help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Donna 🙂 God IS faithful!!

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