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mold allergies

Mold Allergy Cleaning Tips

Mold allergies are a real bane to those of us who happen to have pulmonary problems such as asthma and worse. To avoid that we need to be able to clean our environment in very thorough ways so we won’t have to suffer asthma triggers:

Cleaning the Kitchen
First of all you should make sure you have a working exhaust fan for your stove. You will reduce the incoming moisture as well as making sure you pull the cooking fumes outside the kitchen itself. Put all garbage inside a good and sturdy trash can with an insect-proof lid. Discard and throw away out-of-date items before they go bad and keep regular track of all perishables. Mop your floors on a regular basis as well as the appliances, cabinets and the backsplashes. Wipe all moisture as soon as you’re done washing dishes or cooking to keep mold growth to a minimum. Empty the drip pans of your fridge often and wipe the insides, replacing the moldy rubber seals around its doors. Wash the dish rack and wipe all light switch panels and the insides of your garbage can. You should scrub the refrigerator on a seasonal basis as well as the exteriors of your cupboards and the stove hood filter.

Cleaning your Living Area
Encase your pillows, box springs and mattresses in dust-mite-proof covers. Wash your sheets and blankets in hot water and remove and wash all your covers and comforters on a regular basis. Clean your carpets by vacuuming them once a week with a good vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Wash the floor mats and area rugs as well and remember to mop all your surfaces on a weekly basis also. Use cotton or synthetic fabrics for your curtains and remember to wash them seasonally. Keep your windows closed and use the air-conditioning during the spring and summer seasons when pollen dominates the air. Clean all mold and condensation from the window frames and sills with a mix of bleach and water in a cup per gallon combination. Remember to wear a face mask when you’re cleaning mold and if you have sever allergies make sure someone else does the cleaning for you instead.

Remove all things that act as dust magnets, such as your books and small decorations and knick-knacks. Put all toys and stuffed animals as well as board games in a separate closet instead of in the open. Keep your pets away from your bedroom to minimize the amount of pet dander that stays inside the room. Bathing your pets twice a month will keep their dander and hair under control. They may not like it, however that will help you in the long run.

If you live in a humid or hot house you will have a lot more problems with mold and dust mites. You should keep a steady 70° F with a humidity level of no more than 50% at its worst. Replace the filters in your heating and cooling system and air conditioners on a monthly basis to prevent dust from spreading all over the place.

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