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Mold Cleaners

When trying to win a war against mold, having the right weapon is necessary.  Many people, if asked which disinfectant they would use to kill or fight mold, would instantly reply with the answer of ‘chlorine bleach’.  However, studies have shown that not only is chlorine bleach a weak substance to fight mold, but it also is highly ineffective on porous surfaces, which is where mold is most likely to grow.  

Having a great cleaner is essential removing mold both effectively and completely from the affected surface.  While you may be tempted by ease, and money, to try bleach first, you will quickly discover that spending a little more money will save a lot more time in the long term. Not only do those who try to disinfect and remove mold with chlorine bleach spend more time trying to remove the mold, but they soon find that their efforts were for not when the roots begin to grow back and require a second attempt at removal.

-The Moldblogger Team

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2 thoughts to “Mold Cleaners”

  1. I have a mold growing on my ceiling, we tried bleach but it comes right back….what should we use that can get out the mold longterm…..Thanks

  2. The only way to completely get rid of the mold problem on your ceiling is to have it removed. Especially if the problem’s water source is behind the drywall. Is there moisture on the ceiling? Most likely, it needs to be taken out by professional remediation contractor. It should be removed while sealed under negative air containment to prevent any spreading. This blog is a great resource!

    Gregory Restoration, Orange County California.

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