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Mold Closes Elementary School in CT

Mold Thrives in Schools

Parents of children who attended an elementary school in Greenwhich are questioning their child’s health and safety when it comes to putting their child back in school. The walls of Greenwhich elementary school’s modular classrooms were founded infested with mold.

The rates of mold growth are rising across the country, especially in public schools. What can be done?

On Saturday, the Greenwich Board of Education closed down Hamilton Avenue Elementary after mold was discovered in the ceilings. Environmental crews in protective suits have been working to rid the building of the potential health hazard.

The school is actually a temporary facility, a modular unit built three years ago to house 370 students while a brand new school is under construction.

To read the rest of this story and other interesting twists, visit ABC 7 News, Mold Closes CT School

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Source: ABC 7 News

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4 thoughts to “Mold Closes Elementary School in CT”

  1. “I don’t think they looked into the water problem,” Mina Bibeault said.

    Posted by Greenwich Proud 1 min ago

    Mina Bibeault says. “We’ve put up with a lot and they’ve put our kids at risk.”

    Was it maintenance or design flaws?

    Greenwich Time, CT

    By Martin B. Cassidy

    After the sudden closing of Hamilton Avenue School after the discovery of mold throughout temporary classrooms, Mina Bibeault wondered if the Board of Education missed a chance to tackle the contamination with routine maintenance.

    Bibeault, who has two children at the school, said there had been complaints earlier in the year about water leaking into the building, well before the investigation of a roof leak in a fifth-grade classroom last week found the mold problem….

    Tags: Board Of Education, Courney Roina, Greenwich Department of Health, Hamilton Avenue School, Hamilton Avenue School PTA, Hector Ruiz, Michael Long, Mina Bibeault

    … “This is about me getting a call on Saturday that my children will not be able to go to school on Monday,” said Hector Ruiz, a former co-president of the school’s PTA….


    03/05/08 – The Joke Of The Day – “I’ll hold the staff accountable,” Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg promised. – Yeah Right.

    03/04/08 – First Selectman Peter Tesei promised to address the issue of accountability later on.

    03/03/08 – Parents Bring Protest To The “Oldie Moldie” School Administrators.

    03/02/08 – Another Administrative Screw Up – “They let it happen again. Shame on them. They should be fired,” said Laura Dibella past PTA president.

    02/27/08 – School Board Coverup? – Are Displaced Hamilton Avenue Students Getting Rained On?


    Greenwich Roundup

  2. Does anyone have a copy of the contract between Worth Construction and the Bd of Ed?
    We need to find the names of the individuals who signed the contract and hold them responsible. There is water damage and mold in the basement of the new school according to the Greenwich Post.

  3. I suspect Hillcrest Middle School in Trumbull, Ct is infested with mold. My son has had severe breathing problems and I very upset with Board of Ed for not having comleted an (IAC) report. How can I be sure they find what I know is there? What keeps them for paying some guy off. Should I have the Heath Department go in to?

  4. We have a 9 year old boy attending school, he has asthma but really has not had issues with it for years this year he attends a different school and for the past 2 weeks he has had breathing issues once getting to school and being there for a short period of time. I have taken him to his Dr and the ER 4 times. I was talking to parents of childen with asthma they to are having the same issues. I dont know who to talk to in oder to get this school checked, he does not have the issues at home or outside at play or any other place.. Please help

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