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Mold Prevention in the Home Infographic

Mold Prevention in the Home

Mold is a common issue for many homeowners and renters. It is important to know how to prevent mold as well as when you need a professional to remedy your mold problem.

This infographic includes:

  • How to identify mold growing in your home
  • How mold can affect your health
  • When to go professional for mold removal


This infographic is provided by 1-800 WATER DAMAGE.

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4 thoughts to “Mold Prevention in the Home Infographic”

  1. Excellent infographic as a picture(s) is worth a 1000 words. Nice parity between doing a job yourself and having a professional mold remediation company handle the matter. Just stacks up that it is always better to have it done professioinally, because you are getting trained, certified and experienced help with a problem that should not be taken lightly. Great article.

  2. Does home owners insurance policies typically cover professional remediation services and remodeling of affected areas?

  3. Mold is defietely something that should be handled by the pros. Also worth pointing out that you need to find a company who can not only perform the work, but also deal with insurance companies and watch out for the best interest of the customer.

  4. It’s interesting that you should keep your home at 60 percent humidity to fight against mold. I’ve been worried about keeping mold out of our new house since we live in Florida. I’ll be sure to use these tips to stave off mold and try to find a professional if it shows up.

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