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Mold Causes Asthma in Children

Mold Attacks Families in NYC

New York apartments are having an over abundance of mold cases being brought forth. City dwellers were in the streets protesting against mold and demanding that city officials help these families living in these mold infested apartments. One 14 year old girl revealed that her asthma attacks are worsening and that she is afraid for herself and her mother. She said :

Espinal, 14, blamed a water leak in her ceiling for the mold that has grown in the insulation. Mold triggers Adriana’s asthma, and as a result, she’s already missed 8 days of school this year. She fears it’s only going to get worse.

“I don’t want to end up in the hospital, and I don’t want my mom to end up in the hospital either, and my sister just developed asthma, that’s serious,” said the 14-year-old.

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One thought to “Mold Causes Asthma in Children”

  1. asthma, can be caused my exposure to mold and if one does already have asthma,then mold will only make the problem worse. The only answer is to remove all the mold you see. I would advise taking down the ceiling tiles yourself if you have to and throwing them away along with the instillation

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