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Possible Signs of Mold Contamination

Here are a few mold signs that you may need to check your house for. It doesn’t matter if your house is brand new, or a hundred years old, you can never be too sure! Listed below are some of the indicators of mold you can watch out for:

Signs of Mold

  • Stained ceiling tiles (you may be very surprised as to what may be growing underneath) or walls.
  • Black, brown, orange, pink, or green speckled walls or around any plumbing grout or tile.
  • Musty, earthy, or urine scented odor.
  • Leaky roof or flashing installed improperly.
  • Flood or hurricane damage.
  • Leaky window or door.

Contributing Factors

While it is good to watch for signs of mold present, you can also be proactive and check for some possible contributing factors to mold to prevent mold growth before it starts:

  • Leaky door or unseated windows that have broken seals.
  • Plumbing leak/inferior plumbing job.

* Lumber is one of the worst problems. That is why the United States is the most insidious in the world on record for mold problems!

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3 thoughts to “Possible Signs of Mold Contamination”

  1. I am a single woman age 50 living in the Dallas, TX area. I have an autoimmune disorder and several other serious health problems. I think my health issues stem from living in a mold infested house for over 10 years. I moved from that sick house in 1999 and have not been exposed to that level of mold since. I had many years of quality life until 2012 when I was laid off from my job I held for over 10 years. I have not been able to find another job and now I have lost everything. I had to move in with my Mother and shortly after I moved in with her the water heater burst and flooded her hallway and the bathroom I use, which also has water leaks behind the shower tile. She wouldn’t pull up the carpeting and dry out the pad or floor properly and she keeps the house very humid. Recently I started smelling mold and having health issues similar to what I experienced in the sick house I used to live in. A few weeks ago she had the carpets professionally steam cleaned. The humidity in the house increased and I immediately became ill with flu like symptoms and am on day 9 of fever. I went to the doctor and chest x-ray shows I have pneumonia. Did the carpet being steam cleaned cause my new health issues?

  2. Many homes have a problem with mold that starts well before the mold becomes visible on any surfaces. The first defense is eliminating excess moisture using a dehumidifier. Once the mold does surface, that means it had already been in the air for some time.

  3. Watch out for that nasty stuff known as mold! Dealing with mold can be a very awful process. Especially, by yourself. Make sure to contact a professional for tips and services!

  4. I just remediated one of my homes because I figured out what was killing me. Not kidding if you are living in a home with deadly BTM move and leave tour belongings behind. Or risk transfering the problem to your new home

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