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carpet mold and mildew removal

Preventing Carpet Mold and Mildew

If you have recently washed your carpet or you have issues with excessive moisture in your home, then you should be aware that it is a situation where mildew and mold may grow well. This is an excellent opportunity for them to use the abundant water present in it as a nourishing source of food, which makes it doubly important for you to keep your carpet clean and dry as often as possible so you won’t have it be the host of such growth. Many people are allergic to mold and mildew so you will do well if you avoid having it in your home where it may eventually enter your lungs and your body. The following tips will give you some insight into what you can do to keep it out of your life. Let’s begin with the first one:

  • Rolling up the carpet will be a good first step in the process of cleaning. You should make sure its not attached to the floor in some way. Take it outside to an inclined place where you’ll be able to wash it while the water streams away from it as best as possible and in direct sunlight. Your driveway would be a good place to do so.
  • Clean the floors on a regular basis by using a detergent that is appropriate for the types of floor you have before you start working on the carpet. You should remove the residue of the cleaner from the floor so you won’t have to deal with odors or mildew when you place the carpet back on.
  • Spray your carpet with a powerful spray nozzle using your garden hose. Using a side-to-side sweeping motion from one end to the other, you can do a good deal of cleaning of heavier particles such as soil, dust and sand tracked from outside. Turn it over with the right side up and spray it again for added result.
  • Pour some pine-based or ammonia-based cleaner on the carpet and let it work on the carpet for a few minutes, then make sure you rinse it out completely.
  • Using a bleach solution you should remove any stains that may plague the carpet. Make sure you’re careful with it unless you want to strip the colors off some sensitive carpets. This will kill the germs on it and will also help sanitize it completely.
  • Mixing the bleach will require a solution of about 2 cups bleach and about 5 gallons of water. Never use undiluted bleach unless you want to dissolve the fibers in the carpets, thus completely destroying them.
  • Dry the carpet with a wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner capable of pulling the moisture right out of it or leave it out in the sun until it has dried off completely. If you absolutely must dry it inside you should make sure the air conditioning is on and running high, combined with dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the room where its left to dry.

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