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Alexis in Ny, NY

My son was diagnosed with Lyme’s, Fibromyalgia, Lupus and then ADHD, all of which were wrong.

I am a single mom with three children, my husband left us and barley pays child support. We lived in the best place I could afford. I then found out the apartment was mold infested. I got sick and all the kids were sick. All of us had chronic fatigue, my youngest had nose bleeds all of the time, headaches, memory loss, it was a nightmare. The pediatrician told me mold can’t make the kids sick. I was losing my mind. The kids were sick and I had no answers, the doctors had no answers. My neighbor who’s a nurse came over and told me it was the mold in the apartment making us all sick. I went to the blogs and found some good comments on the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease in Atlanta GA. I called and they accepted our insurance. It’s been 4 months and all of us are a lot better. If your kids are sick and no one is sure why, you may want to get them tested for mold. These people saved our lives. When no one had an answer they saved my children. This was a life changing event. Special thanks to Dr. Eric, Dr. Michael and Dr. Weekly and the staff at NTCED!

Also, if you have mold sickness be aware there is a new gold standard in mycotoxin testing the M7 Mycotoxin test and a brand new endotoxin test for inflammation. these were the tests used to solve the riddle of our families sickness


How can we get the word out on these newly released medical tests for mold mycotoxins and inflammation? These tests made all of the difference in the diagnosis of my children. The results had the name American medical Labs on them, and another labs name as well, Biotrek labs, people need these tests, but they also need to know how to find them.

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7 thoughts to “Alexis in Ny, NY”

  1. I have been to the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease, NTCED in Atlanta GA. I have been to several mold doctors looking for relief for my joint and muscle pain, brain fog and the tremors in my hands. I tried the Shoemaker protocol with no changes The NTCED, all I can say is these guys are simply amazing! It’s been 4 months I am off my pain meds totally, My tremors have completely stopped, my brain fog and memory are back 100%. The facility is amazing and so is the staff. All I have to say is Thank God for these people and their research!

  2. Has anyone used BioTrek/Biosign/American Medical labs? I just ordered the mycotoxin test and would like to get some feedback.

  3. Hey there Arlene, I’m on the phone now calling to get a test ordered. Hoping it will give me the results I need to get well since I’ve exhausted all other tests from my doctors. Good luck to you!

  4. I’m going to order those tests as well…I’m at the end of my rope trying to figure out why I am so sick this past year…the house has a LOT of mold, I had an expert in yesterday taking all sorts of samples….but no one believes me! Not my family, not most of my doctors…they think its “ïn my head” and advised me to go on anti depressants. I cant breathe most of the time now, no matter where I am…my life as I know it has done a 180….the tests are my last hope to get an answer and hopefully work on a cure…

  5. Never got results. Was told new machine was off line samples preserved. Now no answer to phone calls or emails. It has been 10 weeks

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