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Barbara in Mesford ny

I am renting a house when i moved in july into house everything was fine about 2 weeks later after rain storm i woke up very sick my eyes burned headache nauseau diarreah very sick went to hospital t hey said theres no test to help me so i left come to find out in the basement is an old well with dirt it stinks outside concrete cover leaking water for years goung into pit bla ck mold got mold test loaded in 2 days all diffrent colors landlord knows for 3 months had done nothing to solve it so i refused to pay rent and leave and take him to court for intentally body harm sickness movingyxspenses thank god i found a new place cant wait to leave also building inspector said there iold structual damage causedby black mold i am takeing activated charcoal until i leave to hddelp rid my body of poison good stuff no home should be without it good luck everyone slum landlords need to prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law knowing you are sick from it.

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