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Beth in Pittsburgh, PA

Hi everyone, I’m Beth. I live in a single family home, with my husband and 3 yr old son, I am also expecting. I recently started to become suspicious if there was mold in my house, due to constant migraines, my son is consistently sick and never getting better, and awful smells. I had my doctor do blood work to check all my allergies, so that if it wasn’t mold, I could treat it no matter what. It took about a week for my doctor to call back with the results, and confirmed I was having allergic reactions to mold exposure.

We let our landlord know, sooner than what we had planned (only because we wanted to secure a new house before informing we were indeed moving out) and he acted as if we were in the wrong. He told me, as I quote, “Well I’ll just evict you, to speed the process up faster, and get you out sooner.” I became aware an hour after informing the landlord, from our neighbors who have lived here many years, that the previous tenants also found the mold, and moved out after telling the landlord the issue.

No sooner than they informed us this, our landlord shows up at our house, hands us an eviction notice he typed up at his office, with no judge signature or date we need to be out by, definently a fake eviction notice. My husband told him as he walked away ignoring us, “No judge signed this, we know our rights, bring it back with a judge’s signature, and well take you seriously.” The landlord just kept walking to his car as if nothing was said. He claims his wife is a lawyer, but I’m 100% positive if she was, she’d never let him rent out this home being mold infested.

I called the health department and they’re sending letters out to him immediately to fix the problem, or further action from them will be taken. The thing thats so messed up about this situation is that when we moved in our son was only 6 months old. Who would let an infant move into a mold infested home? That’s just wrong. Luckily we had already been looking at places, and we got an offer not too far from where we live now, to move into a home, same price as this one. It’s just coming up with all the money to move in quickly, which we are hoping my mom can help us out with. I’m praying we get out before next Tuesday, because my son is having surgery that he is supposed to be inside the house for 2 straight weeks.


If anyone knows anything legal about renting a home with mold in it, please let me know. Also, if anyone knows what we are to do to recover from mold exposure, that would also help.

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