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Bonita in Richmond, VA

My problem started 12/11/14. I was sitting in my den and began smelling something, it was on my hand, or just in my nose. I washed my hands and could not get rid of the smell. My eyes became irritated, I coughed, salavated, everything. My initial thought was that I had replaced my heating and cooling system in August 2015. So maybe the new system stired up something in the attic. Since there was so much rain in December 2104, I noticed green mildew had grown from the foundation to up to the window area. I found a small amount of mold near the windows and moisture between the windows. I pulled up all of the carpet in my home and I am now walking on the subfloor. I had Serv Pro come out, they placed a barrier in my crawl space, however, fail to remove the old insulation. I was informed that a mushroom had grown in the crawl space, which indicated a moisture problem. I also had Serv Pro to professionally clean out my duct work. Neither of these interventions resolved my problem. I called Eco System Environmental Services, they indicated that there was a
plant based fungi, but did not see any real problem between the outdoor mold count and level inside the home. In between all of these companies coming in my home, I had to stay in a hotel for 11 days, thereafter, I had to rent an apartment. So I am now paying a mortage and renting an apartment. I continued to research this issue as nothing had worked thus far. I rented a fogger and fogged my house with the Mold Control product. It helped a little but did not eliminate the problem. I called a Remediation company, who on 4/24/15 spotted white mold in the attic, cleaned the beams and fogged the attic, went into the crawl space, removed the old insulation and fogged the crawl space and fogged the duct work, this did not resolve the problem either. Therefore, I have spend a great deal of money and have yet to resolve the problem. I am certain that the issue began outside, the smell was also in my car when I turned on the heat, I changed the filter, but did not treat anything under the hood of the care. This is why I think the problem begain under the crawl space. Other than sell the house, I don’t know what else I can do. Any suggestions. I know the problem is in the house, when I am away from the home, I have no problems and do I need to get rid of everything that can’t be washed.
By the way, when my brother and I pulled up the carpet in my bedrooms, there was mold under the padding in the two bedrooms, however most of the concentration was where the beds were placed. Shoud I get rid of the mattresses? Should I throw away everything that cannot be washed? I am running out of options and money for all of this.


I have researched mold for the last four months. I am sure that I saw what mold on my kitchen cabinets. My question is what else can I do to beat this problem. I have had all of the experts in my home and they have not fixed the problem. Help!!!!!!!

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