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Barbara in Feeding Hills, MA 01030

by Jonathan

I am 83 yrs. old, handicapped (Jazzy mobility chair) and live in an apartment which is in a HUD subsidized complex of 200 apartments for Seniors, handicapped and low income individuals. I fit into all three categories. I fit into all three categories. I first became aware of a problem after returning from a 10 day hospital stay in 2013. A large stain on the vinyl floor covering and some black stuff on the hose in my kitchen sink were the first things I noticed, followed in 3 days by what appeared to me to be an allergic reaction to something. It was June and I thought I had become allergic to the pollen in the air; an allergy I had never experienced before (or so I thought.). I began to experience symptoms of the flu, then sinus problem, then eyes burning, then hair loss, then …… I could go on and on because after time I experienced just about all the symptoms of what I was to learn were caused by mold/fungi spores. I only had the symptoms when I was inside the apartment. If I left for a while, I felt fine. Within 15 minutes of returning to my apartment the symptoms began again. Of course I reported it to the manager. He did nothing but tell me ‘mold is everywhere in the world’. I replied that I didn’t want it in my apartment. I won’t go into all the horrors that have followed. It’s been over three years now and nothing has been done. The Board of Health gave me the same answer as the Manager had. Coincidence? I continued to complain, followed all protocol, sent certified mail to anyone who might be associated with the complex and for the most part my efforts went unanswered and the situation has continued to be neglected. I finally, in July of last year, used the ‘bomb’; I withheld the rent for lack of maintenance. That has really gotten them stirred up. They haven’t done a thing for the apartment but I was served with a lawsuit for eviction for non-payment of rent. I won the first summons because of a technical mistake they made in filing. They filed again – 8 months ago and we are going to court next week. I have no idea what will happen. I think I have a strong case. My doctor has commented that my apartment is going to kill me. I can’t move because of financial reasons and no available unit here. My stress level is through the ceiling. I find it shocking that something like this can happen to a Senior Citizen who has
been a great tenant. I have done nothing to cause the problem, yet I am the only one suffering because of it. I have been humiliated, taunted, threatened, and labeled ‘a crazy old lady who thinks there is something living in the walls of her apartment. I’ve done all I can. I had the apartment inspected by a reputable mold inspector when I first became aware of the situation. The results were Aspergillus/Pennicillium , Ascospores and Basidiospores. This was just brushed off. Last August I hired a professional expert ($400). He will testify for me. He found many, many problems in my apartment among which are Stachybotys Chartarum, Alternaria, Aspergillus/Pennicillium , Ganoderma, Myxomyceteres, Pithomyces . He also notd that fungal spores were more numerous indoors than outdoors. Even with this report, the owners of this complex are neglecting the remediation and proceeding with the lawsuit. If anyone is interested, I will write again after the trial next week. My doctor won’t admit it could be mold causing my problems and even my attorney is not totally convinced that what is being seen is actually something dangerous to me. I have read Dr. Shoemaker’s Book, “Surviving Mold”, and I see myself on every page. This is definitely a ‘water damaged building’ and it is very likely I am sick because of it. I’m trying to locate a doctor who is familiar with the problem of C.I.R.S, (Chronic Inflamatory Response Syndrome). I have every symptom.
I am not a hypochrondiac, nor am I suffering from Alzheimers or Senility. I didn’t look all of this up before I had symptoms – I had symptoms and then did research to see what ould cause them. More to come if I live that long. I have no life, liberty, pursuit of happiness or clean hered. What a disgrace.

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