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Christina in Rochelle, IL

by Jonathan

“The Surprise of a New Apartment Renter”

I just moved in an apartment about 3 months ago and when I was viewing it I smelled something weird but I thought that it could be fixed with incense. Now I found out that the smell is mold!

I have 2 small children; a newborn and a toddler that will be 2 this month. The only thing I didn’t want to live with is made possible because I don’t know the smell of mold. I have thrown away many things that have had little rain water on them because of mold. I believe its potato’s growing in the field next to me so I don’t know if it makes it worse. I have tried everything from opening doors to let the air in, using pine sol, to making sure my clothes are dry coming out of the dryer. I have no more solutions. It seems like the apartment is just prone to mold; it wont leave! I need to get rid of it for my health and my childrens. I believe it’s green mold.


Would an air purifier help get rid of mold?

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Lori Tondini August 30, 2012 - 2:06 pm

Is anyone showing signs of sickness or illness? If so, you would need to leave the area until professional testing confirming clean environment is done if you want to be safe. In most cases, owners of rental buildings are not quick to do testing/remediation. If you were going to take the owner to court, you would need viable proof from certified professional inspector and good in depth report to even make a case. A really good high quality inspection and report would cost anywhere from $600-$2000, depending on size of structure. In the case where the owner would be willing to have the mold remediated professionally, you would have to be out of the area while the remediation was going on.
Cross-contamination can also be an issue as molds/mycotoxins can be on items from cantaminated areas,and so you could recontaminate new safe environment. My suggestion is always to put things in storage until such time as they can be remediated/gone through safely and disposed of properly. Most porous items, like paper, clothing, furniture, pillows, matresses, etc. cannot be remediated safely. Hard, non-porous items you may be able to salvage after being remediated. If anyone is showing signs of illness or sicknes; cough, stomach issues, recurring infections, rashes, headaches, etc. recommendation is to leave area as illness from exposure to mold/mycotoxins is cumulative–the more you are exposed, the more damage to the body….


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