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Cody in Sherman Oaks, CA

My wife and I moved into a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 6 months ago. We have had the hardest time getting our property owner to fix anything in our apartment. The most troublesome issue though is the mold that keeps showing up in our bathroom. We keep a sliding door open at all times for ventilation, but the mold continues to grow.

We are under the impression that they simply painted over the mold before we moved in, because it appeared so quickly after we moved in. They have been out to clean it once, but the mold came back with a vengeance 2 weeks later, and is now worse than it was to start with.

Our property owner says they used mold-killing paint, but we are skeptical as the mold continues to grow. They also say it is our responsibility to clean it, but we beg to differ.


We have asked that our bathroom be cleaned, stripped, re-painted and the shower sealed (right now it is not). Can we do that?

If they have not cleaned it by the first of the month when rent is due, do we have the right to withhold our rent until the maintenance needs are met?

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