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Curtis in Oakland park, FL

2 years ago we had a new AC put in and they installed it wrong. After 2 years of fighting it the AC’s insurance settled. So about 2 weeks ago we started the mold remediation and as they were working their way thru the house removing the affected areas they removed dry wall from the one bed room wall when they did that they were able to see the inside of the bathroom wall of the condo next to use and they noticed that the apartment next to us has black mold all over the tub area. FYI our apartment never tested positive for black mold. So now our mold remediation team had to stop until the neighbor resolved her black mold problem because they wouldn’t be able to clean our condo properly until she fixes her wall and tub area, which she isn’t doing so now her black mold is starting to spread to our condo. We just spent 2 long years fighting our mold problem to now be right back in the same situation with a deadly mold and now living in another apartment paying rent there along with the mortgage at our condo, we are running out of money fast and we just want to go home and our condo is getting affected by deadly mold and we don’t know what to do to speed the neighbor up and get this resolved before we go bankrupt the. Can anybody help, board of health, EPA, anybody? please we are about to lose everything we worked for and nobody cares

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