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Cynthia in Valparaiso, IN

I’ve resided in a mold infested townhouse for almost 6yrs. My son and I have suffered from a multitude of illnesses and ailments since living here. Headaches, respiratory issues, bowel problems, vomiting, depression, anxiety, nose bleeds, and brain fog among others. 3yrs ago, I gave birth to my baby girl. She was born without her left hand. After yrs of talking to doctors and specialists that called her condition “isolated” (meaning they have no idea what caused it) I found out that mold poisoning can cause deformities on fetuses. I am livid about this situation and guilt ridden that I have failed my children… by continuing to reside here. So, we are moving out in 2weeks and I want to pursue a lawsuit, so that no one and their children will have to suffer what we have had to suffer. I need to know what type of evidence I need for court, before I move out. Please someone contact me ASAP with any information you can provide!¬†What evidence/testing to do I need… that will stand up on court?

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