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deb in Waxahachie, Texas 75165

by Jonathan

i have watched my sweet husband who was a very healthy fellow lose his breathing as I’ve
watched since 2011.
He had cleaned out black mold for 3 weeks in old offices in concrete plant in Midlothian,
Texas for an independent contractor.
His white jeep sitting in the parking lot was solid black at end of day.
we met at a prayer group here, and 2 weeks after we met he started throwing up at
the sink every night.
We finally both realized something was really wrong, then is when he informed me
he had worked for this certain person.
Michael cannot work at all now. His breath totally goes on him. He can be sitting
and this happens. He said he could swim a pool 30 laps before this started without
losing his breath.
I have been victimized in this too. I am losing my beloved husband. I know he’s not
perfect – no one is – but I am just overwhelmed, and do not know what to do.
Covet prayers – deb Otts Freeman – husband Mike J Freeman.

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