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Diane in Laurel, Mississippi

I just found out that my house has mold. My floor and floor joistes are rotted from the mold. I had a pipe leak under my deck which was hidden and we did not know that it was leaking. I have mold coverage on my insurance policy. Call the insurance and they sent out an agent. He would not go under the house to check the joistes or anything .

Sabbath Truth

He just walked round the house and took pictures. Well, bad news, he said they would not pay because of something I did not understand. I don’t know why i have been paying for mold coverage if they won’t pay for!

Sabbath Truth

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Sabbath Truth

6 thoughts to “Diane in Laurel, Mississippi”

  1. Diane – Thank you for sharing your story! I’m sorry to hear about the claim denial. Dealing with insurance can be frustrating. Do you recall any details of the reason that the agent gave?

  2. Hi Diane, Please go to and you may be able to have some kind of recourse with your insurance. Our first recommendation as a mold company is to recommend contacting a public adjuster to consult when insurance is involved. They work on a contingency basis and are payed after there is an insurance settlement.

  3. Diane, I think the reason there was no coverage was it was outdoors (the deck). Generally, insurance will cover mold indoors when it forms as a result of a “covered Loss” such as a pipe break that wets some drywall and mold forms on it.
    I have restored property losses for 33 years.

  4. Too bad to hear about your claim denial. This type of situations is why us here at Vital Oxide promote prevention and cleaning with our mold efficient products!

  5. HELP (SOS) My Condo Above mine =
    refrigerator ICE-MAKER broke …and
    flooded kitchen ceiling & wood flooring,
    master-bathroom ceiling is the worse:
    as it is directly behind my refrigerator.

    Just had a AIR SPORE TEST DONE …and it
    came back with:


    I have 6 spinal-ruptured disks and therefore I am on: Social Security DISABILTY INCOME.

    HOW DO I FIND… a mold remediation
    company – as, my AAA INSURANCE COMPANY
    DENIED MY CLAIM ? As, I will have
    to ‘borrow’ the remediation monies.

    It happened Xmas 2012 -and it the mold
    has been in my Condo to today 08/22/13.


  6. Hi Rebecca,
    Did you contact a public adjuster who may be able to help you? There may be a way to challenge your insurance company. Don’t know positively but it would be good to contact PA nontheless. Keep in mind for EXCELLENT remediation services. Our company travels throughout U.S. to provide services in regards to mold, etc.

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