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Janeen in Medford, Oregon

by Jonathan

Well lately I’ve been getting headaches, having difficulty concentrating on conversations and work (very strange for me), and woke up one morning with a large lump on my right cheek. I thought I had been bit by a spider which totally freaked me out. It hurt all the way up into my eye. In the mean time my eyes have been itching for quite a while and I’ve developed allergies and a constant runny nose. Well the bump on my cheek wouldn’t go away until I got antibiotics. Now I itch constantly especially on my face. So I’m cleaning my bathroom and I wiped under the shower door with a paper towel and there is alot of black mold. I told my boyfriend that there is weird black mold in the bathroom. He said “black mold”, I said, “Yes”. He said it again and said that is NOT GOOD. He said Janeen “BLACK MOLD”. “OH”, I said. And here we are. I’m freaked out. I don’t know where to go from here. We rent. I don’t know if we should move. Because I am very uncomfortable physically and mentally.


If anyone out there has any advice, please tell…

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Jonathan August 16, 2011 - 9:37 pm

Janeen, how long have you been living there and how long ago did the symptoms start? Do you notice your symptoms improving when you spend time away from the place?

First off, take a deep breath (preferably, outside). You guys will be able to beat this. Next, just because the mold is “black” doesn’t mean its bad, nor does it mean its good. Don’t let its color get to you. Now, if you’re experiencing those kinds of symptoms then there is obviously a problem and one that needs to be resolved quickly.

Chrissy Mann August 17, 2011 - 10:06 am

Hi Janeen, If this is an issue with ‘toxigenic, pathogenic’ mold, you need to move out as soon as possible. Your classic symptoms point to possible mycotoxin poisoning. Google mycotoxin for more information. When a person that is infected with mycotoxins, antibiotics & steroids only make the condition worst because they are made from molds. It’s like pouring gasoline on an inferno. If your belongings, household goods are contaminated, you need to have them treated if they are salvageable. The only way to know is to have a certified mold inspector inspect your home. The test results will identify exactly what kind of mold is there. The mold spores float in the air and attach to items that will provide a food source for them such as carpeting, any cloth fabric, leather, wood, certain metals, plastic. Due to the possibility of cross contamination when things are moved from one location to another, we recommend placing belongings in plastic until they can be treated. If this is a financial burden, then you may have to dispose of contaminated items. My good friend, Lori Tondini (ARE YOU MOLDY?) recommends washing items in ammonia and reintroducing them one by one. Most highly sensitive mold victims are able to tell if the item is safe or if it is still affecting them. Ammonia is not the cure for toxic mold. It does neutralize the mycotoxins. But it does not resolve all the issues at hand when dealing with mold contamination.


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