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Jennifer in White River Junction, VT

I need help. We have recently found mold in the house we are renting. There seem to be more patches in a certain area of the house. We removed the bad spot but now it’s on the back side of that wall. I am wondering if it’s safe to live here. I have 2 young children. I also came down with a cold around the same time, that I can’t seem to get rid of. Can anyone help?

The mold was discovered in a closet, where I keep extra kitchen stuff that I don’t use often. I went to get something and the whole wall was covered in mold! I cleaned it with oderban but it returned within a couple of days.

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2 thoughts to “Jennifer in White River Junction, VT”

  1. Dear Jennifer, We offer portable systems that provide safe breathable treated air that have been proven to kill mold and mold spores keeping your home safe. Our system uses hydrogen peroxide gas at perfectly safe levels and will seek out and destroy mold spores that are floating about that are causing you harm. Please check us out and give me a call personally. There is help!

  2. About 2 months ago, I discovered a rapid growth of fungus in a cupboard. I tried to clean it up the best I could.After a week or two, I had a sore throat and dry, painful cough.Soon, my temperature started rising. The symptoms started escalating and soon I had a runny nose, and cramps in the legs,etc.
    Are all these symptoms related to it??
    Please do tell

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