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Jill in Mission Viejo, Ca.

Hi my name is Jill Closs I wanted to share something. I’ve lived in an apartment for the past two moths. I’ve been sick with Asthma. I have linoleum on my kitchen floor and there are some black spots on it. I told the landlord about these issue and they said three is nothing wrong with the linoleum. This past Wednesday they came, ripped up my linoleum, and just turned around and put down new linoleum. Never checked to see if it was mold. Also the last two months it has smelled in my apartment. I told the landlord and she claimed she can’t smell any thing. Other people walk in my apartment and ask me what that smell is. I have really bad Asthma. I’ve moved in March of 2013 been sick on and off for the last nine months. I’ve been staying at my mom’s house since last Thursday. I went today to check on my apartment and it still smelled from when they laid the new linoleum. I turned on the fan and open a window in my kitchen to see if that would help. I have HUD housing. The land lord keeps telling me it’s not mold. Has anyone else had black spots on their linoleum and found it was mold. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jill Closs


The landlord keeps telling me it’s not mold. How do they even know if they won’t do a mold test.

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2 thoughts to “Jill in Mission Viejo, Ca.”

  1. My recommendation is to make a small investment by hiring a Company that will perform an air test.By doing this,you can have actual proof if the air is contaminated.If the results come back positive,then i would immediately contact your landlord through a certified letter.

    This investment ranges from $200 to $400.00

  2. Hi Jill,
    You would be wise to leave it ALL behind and start all over. If you read the other posts here on MOLDBLOGGER, you will see that ‘toxic’ mold is nothing to take lightly. Your life is worth much more than continuing to live in dangerous circumstances.

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