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Judy in Lombard, Illinois

I so need help ! I live in a rental and the roof was so horrible and it was leaking in my daughter room finally after a year the landlord had men come and put a new roof on but as they were working in my daughter’s bedroom it totally caved in on her, and we learned there was mold !Β Also the crawl space was filled with mold!

I have been living here 5 years. He took all the pipes out and put concrete in the crawl space. And poured tons of bleach before he concreted it. It was 100 degrees out and my family had to stay here as he work on it, So we all breathe the work he was performing to get rid of the mold, Then after he did all this work he had the mold test done. It failed.

It tested penicillin / aspergillus 4200 inside and 130 outside. It has other basidiospores, which I do not understand, 4800 and of course many other molds that I was told is normal.

My Point is I have emphysema and have had it for 10 years and I feel like i am dying now. My kids all have been sick. My doctors act like it is in all our heads, My doctor took a blood test and said it good ??? I am getting scaps on my head back arms , I can hardly breathe anymore , I am so worn out from this mess. He said this mold is common and not to worry ????? I need a doctor that knows about mold . Please help us with any info that can help. Doctors keep giving me medicine for a cold etc …It does not work.


can penicillin / aspergillus hurt our health ?


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  1. Dear Judy, We offer portable systems that use safe breathable treated air to actually kill the mold spores that could be floating around your home. Our units are affordable and convenient to use anywhere in your home. Not only will they kill the mold spores, but they will also kill any viruses and bacteria that may be lurking about. Please contact me or read more on our Face Book page Air & Mold Technologies. We “can” help you!

  2. Hi Judy,

    Aspergillus/Penicillium does have the capacity to cause health problems, most commonly triggering allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, coughing and the like. I am not sure if your numbers are referring to raw counts or spores per cubic meter, but regardless they are elevated as compared to outdoors. It sounds as though you have a serious problem on your hands, one that interested parties, such as your landlord, are trying to minimize. I would recommend hiring an IICRC-certified firm to come in and remediate properly (bleach is not an effective solution) and then having the air quality tested post-remediation to make sure that the spores have been brought down to more closely reflect what is found outdoors.

    I hope this answer has been helpful; please feel free to get in touch with me directly if there is any other information I can provide: [email protected]

  3. I live in a cabin that was not roofed properly. The tiles at the crest of the roof are broken and the landlord did not fix them. Now there is mold growing on the ceiling under where the tiles are broken. I noticed an odor and my daughter and I have suffered two of the sickest years of our lives. I am a teacher and have a solid immune system and hardly ever get sick. Now I cannot remember anything, feel like I am choking and sick to my stomach. I cannot afford a kit or a lawyer so I guess I am out of luck. Moving!

  4. Yes, Judy – Aspergillius and Penicillium are not good molds. Find another place to lease. Make sure the new rental does not have past of present water leaks where the water ahs not been cleaned up right away. Do not take the stuff form the old place in to the new one. Before you go to the new place, take a shower and change into a new set of clothes. you have a chance of slowly recovering in the new place. you do not have any chance of recovering in the old place if you stay there. Dr. Michael Gray in Arizona (not the plastic surgeon, the other one) knows about mold.

  5. Judy
    Since this is a rental unit, and not your home, you really need to get out…the contamination sounds really bad, and could be causing most if not all of your health issues. Please be aware of the issue of cross-contamination…your personal belongings should be put in storage until such time as they can be remediated. It is really not the spores that make you sick; it is the mycotoxins, and those “stick” to things. Also, be aware that dead mold can be just as dangerous as dead mold, because the mycotoxins are still on them…

  6. Hi I’m actually fighting this my self now. First find a doctor who will do what’s called a c4a blood test. It’s called Lyme test or what ever. The feeling that your getting that makes you feel like your dying it’s because of inflammation in your body. This test takes 30 days for any lab to do. When you get the results , do not take any pills they gave you. Most doctors dont have training in this so they will give you what ever and it can cause serious damage. I went thru 22 doctors until I found a holistic doctor who told me about this test that doctors can do. Funny after you get that test take the results to your old doctor and tell him to find a new carrier. You need a holistic doctor who will detox your body from these mycotoxins . Or find a m.d who also has training in detoxing . Get you of that house don’t take anything with you. Nothing not even close.

  7. By the way its important that you get proactive. This can and will kill you if you dont act. I did alot of research and many people who have gotten a real mold blood test with high numbers such as my self will tell you even if you leave everyrhing behind it will not go away on its own. It lives of your food.fruits carbs etc. Even if yu eat just greens for the next year it still wont go away. My advice this is a rental you need to get a attorney. My numbers came back as 11000 on a scale of 0 to 2800 on the blood test. It will take me a year to get better but i am on every herb and detox my doctors can gey their hands on. This process is very expensive. You need a attorney to help you and get you money. You will need to recover.

  8. I am worried about my daughter. She has sports related asthma. She just quit the team because she is having unexplained symptoms. She had a physical last week. Said she feels like her throat is closing up or has strep. The doctor did not see anything. We are on medi Cal now. Yes I got a lawyer and he did the mold testing. I need to go there and get my belongings. I put them in the shed outside the house. This is the worst problem. How do I cleam my stuff and will that resolve the issue? I put my furniture in storage. I have an expensive bed. Should I trash all my stuff? What about my car? I used it to move things. what about the movers? My friend has documentation that after they were at my home for a couple of days everyone got sick. Two of her children spent longer. One was hospotalized for a strange rash on her neck. My friend, also a teacher had to do two rounds of antibiotics. I also had to do antibiotics. Never sicker. Have experience with candida about fifteen years ago and I know how difficult it is to get rid of. I kept doing antibiotics, took birth control pills and prednisone for poison oak my man brought home… Took a year on a no sugar diet, accupuncture, herbs to get over it. The medical profession does not recognize it. Went to the emergency room on xmas eve with strep, was like the fifth upper respitory infection I had had. The doctor was volunteering and told me she knew what was wrong with me. Prescribed a diet and herbs in her private practice. Saved my life! After that I never felt better in my life. It was like cleaning off the mud and finally being able to see and feel again! How does this realate to fungal issues. I actually got arrested because I was scaring people last fall and winter yelling at the bears! Never been arrested before or acted like that. I learned that madness or perceived insanity is a symptom and that would follow as we had been there for a while. I seem to feel better. I will contact you with my personal information. Thank you! I even googled coughing up black chunks… Thought it was just dust from the road construction and fires/controlled burning.

  9. About cleaning stuff and my opinion. I just moved out a month ago. Keep in mind i have maids who clean my home every two weeks so they were able to some how keep it under control. I had two separate water issues. Master bathroom which was bad and living room. The mold numbers were like yours at 4000 for the asperia i forgot how to spell it. I had a dry cleaning company take all my clothes and my bedding. I threw out my towels. I did bring all my furniture over. When my bedding came back i broke out in blood dost. So we tossed the bed. I havent were my clothing yet becausd i dont feel comgortable with it but my dry cleaning guy swears he got it out. If your thinking good dry cleaning company is the way you want to go i would say dont. I payed 3500 for dry cleaning for that i should just have bought new clothing. I had two children stay at my home before we moved. They had astma attacks with in a hour of being at my home.

  10. As far as cleaning i used lysol for sofa its white leathee and i got it couple months before i moved out.I threw out most of my makeup things that were in my bathroom. So depending what was the closest to the mold trash it. I had 3 story home. So in some perspective it was isolated to oder things. As far as the bed, they are like sponge so trash it. Your car because it moved things i dont know if you have leather if not try to buy new seats. Dont use bleach i know many people said to do it but they are not dealing with the toxic black one.

  11. Antibiotics are the last thing you want to take. They are just another form of mold. I never had yeast infections until i moved here. So im sure its the mold thats doing this. Fungus and mold are in a sense same things. I have white spots full of fungas all over my body. Dont take prenidsone it was something my last crazy doctor try to put me on for dry scappy flaky skin. Dont take it. My homeopathy and the m.d who deals with mold said me not taking it probably saved my skin from getting out of control. Thats why i told you dont take anything they give you. You need someone who knows what they are talking about. As far as mood swings. I developed crazy anxiety like i was losing my mind. It was bad i had depression mood swings and anger. The crazy ass doctor put me on lexapro and tried to put me on other things. Funny thing is now after these doctors did there research they found out due to crazy stress and my body going thru alot i had stage two adrenal weakness. They gave me b6 and other things its been helping alot. Something about mold that doesnt let you absorb the vitamins and when the doctors give you these crazy pills thats exactly why people get worse. Im still dealing with anger and crying but i think the detox is intensifying it a bit more. I dont know what state your in but maybe you can find doctors like mine. My homeopathy now this part is crazy. Found out about all my problems thru a bio meridian machine. I dont know how many types are out there or if they all use them correcttly but my mold m.d checks for eberything he says and its accurate to the point where we dont blood test what he says anymore. So i dont feel right telling you to go find someone who does this because i dont know how they work but my guy is amazing. You might wantto find someone online read reviews. Call your health department have them come the house it will help yohr case.

  12. In the mean time im on alot of herbs im also on four detoxes at one time. Drink at least 2 liters of water. I get all my vitamins and herbs from a clinic they dont sell to the public because they are strong and you neec a doctor to monitor you. Get vitamin c start in powder at 2000 mg and work your way up to 4000 mg. It will nutrolize mold. Get oregeno oil organic. Its a strong antifungal. Take day night. I also take pitassium iodine it kills mold and detoxes metal but i dont think you should take that until you get a doctor. I eat fruits not much but i do. Dont eat milk products but eat as much greek yogurt as you can. It will help the damage antibiotics did. Go on a gluten free diet this is the only food part im strict with that they said because after ive been of for a while if i eat it i get mood swings after but im not allergic to glutten i think this mold is big on gluten. Try to listen to your body cravings eat only the good stuff. I used to get intanse cravings for cake and stuff and im 120 pounds so its not because im a big fan of it.

  13. I managed to control my hair loss. Take bragg apple cider vinegar. Just dump it on your hair and leave it there for 30 min to a hour it might sting thats fine. Do that for 2 days. Wash it oul with water nothing else you will smell like it its fine its worth it. It might get dry. Then take avocado with yogurt full fat plain with olive oil and egg leave that on your hair for 1 hour. Then wait two days repeat the whole process. Then just do as needed. I take a bath and dump apple cidee vinegar in my tub. It helps neutrolize skin ph. And mold has a hard. time living of akaline ph. Idone potassium iodide helps hair grow out longer. No bread no milk to matter what. I eat gluten free pretzels but glutino it helps with bread cravings and they are good. By the way my wild irwgano oil is extra strwngth carvacrol with cragted mediterranean. Thats what is on the bottle it should help you breath. Get a cold humidifier to breath in to. Its a hard road but fater your done fighting this it will be all worth it because you will feel like new again.

  14. Thank you. I took lots of vitamin C and it seemed to help. I have been taking Rainbow Light vitamins for years! They have lots of good herbs and vitamins. Now I am taking the senior formula as I have gone through early menopause. I do crave milk, bread and those things. I tried for years to gain weight and finally got up to 140lbs and everybody told me how great I looked. Yes my hair is falling out and my weight is now 120lbs and I cannot explain it. Food seems to go right through me and I am not hungry… Same thing happened with the fungal problem years ago. So thank you for the apple cider trick. I know that alkaline is good and acid is bad. I crave meat too and that causes an acid condition. I thought I was just going crazy and so does my family. They have completely dissed me. The last fungal infection led to divorce and having me removed from the family trust. People do not realize how consequential their behavior is. The Native Americans had it right. Here in CA they built new homes every year. Wouldn’t that be nice? Will have to wait for help from my disabiltiy. May take six months they say. How can that be. If I die, they don’t pay and the utopian stakeholders make more money… Feeling like new would be great. I just hope it is not too late.

  15. If your craving meat its probably because your iron deficent. Mold feeds of protein its protein based you should get enzymes to a herbalist to digest meat. Take them with your meal. You can get fabriotic enzymes im not sure if im spelling it correctly for inflammation. Im in los angeles. You said your in california. My m.d has six months to a year waiting list if you want to see him. My homeopathy you can see now.

  16. You will get better you just need to fight this. For skin try organic certified neem oil its antifungal kills mold spores. For dry skin i use certified organic argan oil its called magador. They have good sale on their website. If you use it dont rub it pat it to your skin. Because its in your hair try tee tree oil i get jason they also have B plus conditiner. Also i thick i learned after vinegar sometimes hair gets to dry feeling when weat. You know the permenet hair dyes they sell at drug storex they add vitamin based conditioner after treatment usr that it will give your hair its life back just dont dye it right now its not good

  17. By the way sorry for the crazy writing im on my cellphone and it has a very small typing pad. Foods that are antifungal onions garlic should be your best friend. By the way who told you your in early menopause. I lost five years of my life listening and trusting doctors.
    Im not saying they are bad but with my experience the youngee they are the more helpfull they are but it should have been the other way around. I also learned when they say this is most likely stress or anxiety just means ” i dont know what the hell im doing shes just crazy”. Im in my early 20 and i shouldnt even be dealing with doctors or have the experence i have. I had gastritis due to mold for 6 months the worst pain ever. Went to a gastro doctor. He said it was my anxiety causing it. He put me on some 14 day acid blocker and some type of xanax type pill for my stomach it relaxes stomach muscles. The pain was insane. He kept adding higher dosage until i couldnt even eat and then he said just eat crackers wheat. I lost 20 pounds i was pale weak insane. The holistic doctor told me to stop taking everything and stop eating wheat. Hw gave me pure probiotic pills digestive enzyme colon cleaner and some drops for my water it healed in four weeks. Those acid blockers are really bad with people in mold. Your body is producing more and more acid to try to kill the mold because its multiplying. And when stop your bodies natural way of producing acid the mold grows more. Doctors dont explain stuff like thia they just say here take this it will help it does this or that.

  18. You need protein protein protein. As the fungas and mold.feeds of it your muscles cant get what they need so you become very weak. Thats where iodine comes in. Honestly maybe you should just get some in liquid form of amazon just make sure its a good seller by reviews. I take about 1000 mc. Funny there is a article by someone i read if you take that much it will put you in a coma. Ive taking 3500mc im still here very important not mg but mc.I used to eat lots of seaweed so i would get it from that. But with mold its hard to get the benefits of seawees. Our bodies dont store idone so we need it everyday. It helps with hot flashes cold hands, bettee sleep. I read that asian dont get breast cancer because they have idone at 4500mc a day by the way it kills mold fungas yeast. Take 150 mc for two days. And then just add a drop more as you go. It helps weak muscles. Mold doesnt let is sleep nightmares insomnia so i started with melatonin spray for some reason it back fired in me and it made me feel like i was in drugs so i found valerian root it relaxes muscles and protes sleep. Amazon has it cheap. My short memory is still jackes up ill let you know what i found for that.
    Get flaxseed oil at wholefoods. Let your system get used to it you should get up to 2 tbls a day mold causes mucle inflammation. Flaxseed oil is antiinflammatory so you need to put that oil on some salad. It can taste wierd at first so put some lemon. I dont know if you got checked for gluten senstivity.

  19. Ok last one you can google mycotoxin detox. Find foods and articles that will explain how you can detox them your self. There are lots and lots of articles on what foods and herbs to add to your diet to detox. You have to detox. No matter what if you want to get better a simple thing as garlic might help your body to detox . Good luck if you have any questions let me know.

  20. These comments are great! Thank you so much!!!!!! for all your valuable information you are sharing with us!

  21. Aspergillus and penicillium are very toxigenic–meaning they have toxic effects on the body. One of the mycotoxins that aspergillus emits is AFLATOXIN B2, a known carcinogen, and “the most toxic substance known to man” according to the CDC. Don’t ever let anyone tell you mold is NOT dangerous, or that it only causes “allergic” symptoms; these people are very misinformed. This is why so many are getting sick and dying–because they have no idea how dangerous toxigenic mold is. Generally, medical treatment for mycotoxicosis/fungal disease would include long-term systemic prescription anti-fungals, immune system therapy, diet changes, environment changes, detoxification of blood and digestive tract. Die-off of the fungus can make you feel very sick, and treatment can take a very long time. MCS, or multiple chemical sensitivity can also be an additional factor in mold victims; they are unable to tolerate chemicals in any way, shape, or form.

  22. A blood IgG ELISA method test shows active mold antibody levels, indicating systemic fungal disease. There is also a urine test for mycotoxins, which is very expensive; but the general concensus is that if you have the mold in the blood, you have mycotoxins in the body. There is also a newer DNA test that is being used recently. Dr. Croft does a skin test to test for this. If you are thinking about any type of recoup of losses, a lawsuit, you would need thorough testing of the structure by a qualified certified mold inspector to prove the problem before attempting any legal action. Many times people do not get adequate testing and thorough inspection, which are needed for proof of mold contamination.

  23. N-aceytyl cysteine and taurine combined help get mycotoxins out of the body. Alpha lipoic acid, 5htp, good fish oil or krill oil, and taurine all help with the brain issues. CLA and amino acids are good for muscles. Liposomal glutathione-readisorb from taken right after exposures and daily helps alot. Calcium, 5000 iu vit d together also. Collodial trace minerals and/or Sole’ drink for mineral deficiencies. Many natural anit-fungals like oregano oil (I use wolfe clinic wild) licorice root, pau d’ arco, garlic, goldenseal, neem, etc. can be taken on rotating basis one at a time. GSE, grapefruit seed extract is potent anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti parasitic. Can be taken orally 10-30 drops a day; and used in sinus rinse/douche: 1 gallon distilled water, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 3 Tablespoons sea salt, and 10-30 drops of liquide GSE. Shake before every use. Drink alot of good water and add organic lemons to it with cayenne pepper. CELLFOOD is a really good supplement that helps me also. Try to exercise/walk even if you don’t feel like it, you need to do so muscles don’t atrophy. Melatonin is good for insomnia, so is taurine, valerian root, and 5HTP. I take melatonin and 5HTP together. Avoid moldy indoor areas totally and eat good organic whole-food diet; no sugar, no grains, very little fruit. focus on lean grass fed organic beef; organic eggs, organic chicken, many good organic veggies; you need the protein and amino acids. NOW makes an organic concentrated whey protein no sugar that is good. Eat oikos greek yougurt-5 strains of probiotics, or get on a good daily probiotic formula. Stay away from chemicals and use organic personal products, like shampoos and soaps. and PRAY! πŸ™‚

  24. C4a is a real blood test there is also c3a you need c4a. Detoxing sucks it hurts and makes you feel weird plus so many more things. You will also feel like your getting worse. When the mold dies it releases even more toxins in the blood stream. But it needs to die for you to get better.

  25. Prescription anti fungals are knows to cause liver kidney failure. Just for those who are thinking to deal with it that way.

  26. Some prescription antifungals may affect liver enzymes. When you are on prescription anti-fungal therapy, you get a liver enzyme test every 6 months just to check and make sure enzymes are ok. If they are being affected, you go off the drug and the enzymes return to normal. My doctor, in over 20 years of treating mold victims, (he uses a combination of prescription and natural things) has only had one incidence of this happening with his patients. Of course, some antifungals are more harmful than others, in fact, a new one on the market my doc will not dispense bc it causes vision problems…and amphotericin, which has been around for ages had been nicknamed by docs “amphoTERRORcin, because of the horrible side effects, including death from side effects of the drug. Sporanox is the most effective and safest as far as I know. Diflucan is somewhat effective with candida, but not with the stronger molds like aspergillus, stachy, etc., because it cannot work in the bloodstream. If you have fungal colonization inside the body/blood, the only way to get rid of it is by antifungals-prescription or natural. Many “natural” antifungals can be harmful and even more toxic than sporanox when used continually, like pau d’arco and licorice root, which should not be used for more than 2-3 weeks in a row…Any antifungal therapy, if you are considering it; and you would only need it if you have fungal colonization–check out the antifungal thoroughly before taking it so you know the risks–prescription and non-prescription!

  27. Question to Lori how does a doctor identify colonezation of fungas/ mold in the body. Do they pin point where its at. Because i read that it can be anywhere in the body. Also if one does take the perscription you said to check enzyme liver every six months.does that mean it takes very long time to get better? Even thought i was told a year or so for me to get betteer ive spoke to people who have gotteng results in 6 months with natural things they did. So i quess my question to you is how long have you neen sick doing it thru perscrpitions and what did your blood test show. Im trying to find the best treatment for me.

  28. Victoria,
    You would have an IgG ELISA method blood test, which indicates antibodies and the levels of them. This is how both of my docs kept track of my progress and if the meds were working. You can also have a urine mycotoxin test done, but that is quite expensive and most insurances do not cover it. Illness from mold is different for everyone depending on types of molds, amount of exposures, length of exposures, etc., so treatment can be effective with basic detoxing sometimes if no colonization has occurred and if other things are not an issue-like immune system damage, brain damage, or any type of permanent damage, which can occur. Normally, the liver function returns to normal quickly. I was exposed to toxigenic molds for almost 10 years; when I finally figured out what was wrong I was very sick and had suffered some permanent damage. I also had immune system damage, so that was an issue also. I also developed MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity as a result of the exposure, and EMF Electro-magnetic frequency sensitivity, which have been challenging to say the least. I have been under treatment from 2 mold docs, 2 natural docs, and 1 natural/western mcs doc, and have done natural and western therapy and while I am much better than I was at first, I have had “setbacks” in the treatments and I am certainly not back to being “healthy”. I’ll get there one day tho! If the treatment you are doing is working for you, then I would continue doing it. If not, then you might want to try some other types of therapies.

  29. I am intently seeking a physician and/or clinic where I can be physically tested to determine any existance of mold, level of mold, etc. & immediately employ an effective detoxification protocol. Do you know of any physician in Houston area who is highly skilled/knowledgable in dealing w/mold or should I consider going to Environmental Health Center, Dallas,Tx?

  30. Im going through a mold ordeal as well, my penicillium/aspergillus count was 2,119,150 in one room and 160 outside, my chaetomium was 3999 inside and 0 outside, doctor told me today he didnt know anything about mold but then advised me I have nothing to worry about? lol On top of that the unit is hot/positive for asbestos all this from a bucket in the attic from a leak that the property service company and owner never dealt with.

  31. Hi Judy, I am also dealing with penicillium/aspergillus in my home (192,000 m3) and also have lyme disease which is a autoimmune disease so the effect of the mold has been pretty bad. Because I can’t use chemicals to combat the mold (chemicals have additional toxins) I use essential oils to kill them by using an air difuser. You may want to look into it.

  32. Dear Judy, I was recently diagnosed with Aspergillus Fumigata along with Mycobacteriuom Abscessus and a few other “bugs” resulting from biopsies and a Lavage from a Bronchoscopy. I have 2 questions: 1. is Aspergillus in moldy books? 2. What is the treatment for this in the lungs? Thanks so much for your very informative blog.

  33. Thank you for creating a site that mold victims can share and hopefully help one another. i had no idea that mold could be so dangerous. We purchased a home 2 1/2 years ago and became sick due to aspergillus . Certain strains become aerosoled and it is like dirty dusty air that made me sick. The dead mycotoxins are just as bad. Here is what I found helpful….. IQ air cleaners are excellent , (I tried 4 of the Airfree machines & they are worthless) running a Aran aranizer inside my contaminated car saved it. A natural doctor gave me Neem which is very helpful, charcol capsules to absorb/flush toxins ,lots of probiotics, grapefruit seed extract used diluted on my skin for rashes & leg aches, MSM (found instructions on Cleans the microbes out of the bloodstream along with Biotin. Astaxanthin really helped my heart palpatations. And a herbal lung support. My doctor said you have to clear it out of your sinuses otherwise you will not get better. He gave me some drops that have grapefruit seed extract and other ingredients that promote healing in the sinuses. I am better but what a frickin nightmare this has been. Grapefruit seed extract , food grade hydrogen peroxide and enzyme cleaners is what i use for all my cleaning. Chemical cleaners are not good for anyone. We have swifered all walls, ceilings and floors. I am almost totally better.I hope the above info helps.

  34. I have had various symptoms for the past year, but it’s gotten worse the last 4 months. I had my main house tested and my lake house, both did not have mold except the workshop and laundry room had penicillium/aspergillus raw count 1008 spores /m3 6754 % of total 85.
    I had headaches and balance problems 5 months ago and the dr tested for lyme , lupus and autoimmune all came up negative. My blood work was normal except my rbc, hemoglobin was a bit low.
    I’ve been taking garlic everyday for the last 5 yrs. Right now i’m experiencing night sweats( sometimes), shorter sleep 4-5 hrs, normally i was getting 6-7. Muscle pain, especially in my legs and shoulders and fatigue,my eyes are dry.i noticed toenail fungus on my right big toe starting up, applied tea tree but it probably won’t help. I can tell you this, don’t eat sweats! I’m familiar with alot of herbs, teas, enzymes etc and i’m trying various combinations. Sometimes, i feel pretty good and don’t have symptoms. So what would be good for the muscle pain, and weakness or fatigue? This forum has alot of good info.

  35. My house was recently tested for 89% Aspergillus and 8% if a rare mold. At first I was told to not bring anything in the bathroom to the new house, but now I’m told that in my not be able to come out of my furniture. I’ve had health problems the last two and half years in this house and it’s a rental so no we’re getting kicked out. At first I was just trying to stay out of the master bedroom, but now I’m going to get a hotel because I don’t even feel safe in the house since it is in the air.

  36. I’m in my ninth month of detoxing from black mold. My level was 3.11 and is finally down to .05. But now I have asperillus at 4.0. I started with changing my diet, taking chlorella. Clay and charcoal. And used colloidal silver nose spray. I had severe detox symtoms but I’m starting to see light! I’m now taking a oral gel called tox-ease do start on detoxing my liver. Does anyone else have the tingling in the feet? I think it’s a detox symtom. I was misdiagnosed for 6 months and finally found a holistic dr. And had to drive from mo. To California to see him, but the rest of my visits are through phone consultations. I’ve lost 30 pounds through all of this and wondered when will my muscle start to come back.

  37. Belinda,
    It sounds like you have come a long way! Have you tried pure therapeutic grade essential oils to help with the mold detox? I’ve been researching this lately and started an FB group to start sharing information. The last article I posted in the group was on detox reactions from natural healing methods.

  38. Hello I read every one of all your posts & draw strength and valuable knowledge from every one of them!!! Thank you very much! πŸ™‚
    My son has been having headaches for the past year! 3 months ago we had had reoccurring Mold in the window seals in our bedrooms… We moved and now due to a water leak have Mold in this house as well… My sons headaches went away for about a month or so after we had moved here and started back about the time when we estimate the Mold started… Our Landlord had this new place tested for Mold & it came back positive for Penicillin Mold in the crawl space & some in the duct work… I havent heard of anyone having headaches except for ‘Jack’ all the other symptoms seem to be normal allergy symptoms so I have been reluctant to believe the Mold is the source… I do think now it could be Mold after hearing about ‘Jack’s’ experience… All the Dr.’s ever want to do it do a CATT scan or such… They dont know anything about diet or allergen’s of any sort ESPECIALLY MOLD! Any advise would help! πŸ™‚

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