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Karen in New Haven, CT

Hi there, I am the leaseholder, not the owner, of a house that I rent out to 10 people. I had been getting calls from the tenants about a funky smell through the walls for the last 10 days and the manager that I hired- who fled from the job this week suddenly and moved- had been telling me they are “crazy” to be complaining of a smell. However, it all came together this evening when I realize I ,too, had smelled excrement when I bent down to look under the sink on the floor yesterday and smelled something odd (excrement). I am realizing the smell could be a broken pipe somewhere under the house.

One of the tenants said her son has been complaining of a bloody nose 3 times this week, and that she has been waking up with headaches and they have all kept the front door open because the smell is permeating in the house.

I am up concerned. I have reached out to the owner and can get a plumber in ASAP. I would love to know your experience, strength and hope regarding this situation. I am not sure the owner has the house is covered- Thanks for your help.

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One thought to “Karen in New Haven, CT”

  1. Hi Karen,
    What does this odor smell like to you or your tenants? Does it smell like excrement or something else? A broken pipe from under the house will most definitely be a huge problem. Bacteria will be running rampant. I would definitely advise the plumber so that he/she can properly protect themselves when going into this type of environment to do the repair. If there is mold contamination on top of everything else, do not hire a company who uses any type of chemical to treat or manage it. Chemicals are a food source for mold and will exacerbate the contamination. The mold will flourish and become stronger and heartier. I recommend

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