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kate in bradford,england

Hi I’d like to share my story but also I’m in need of some advice if anybody can help me.I currently live in a privately rented 3 bedroomed flat with my 3 children the flat that we are in has what I would say to be a lot of damp and mould which has ruined my furniture and cloths e.t.c it has also had an impact on my partner who suffers from c.o.p.d he has had a chest infection that won’t seem to shift I’ve been asking my landlord to fix this problem for months as I tried myself with some special paint which didn’t work I’m not sure weather me not having any heating will be contributing to the mould problem either I’m in a muddle at the moment as my landlord has decided to present me with an eviction notice I know this is because I have been complaining a lot to him about the problems….He should understand that I have 3 young children and having the mould and no heating is not good for any of us mainly my children.Im wanting to take my landlord to court over the stress and the fact that he has made us live in these conditions does anybody know weather I will be able to claim compensation regarding it affecting my partners health he does spend a lot of time at my home although he does not live with me…We have just found out today through the doctor that the mould is having an impact on his health….I would be very great full for some help and advice on this one…thankyou for taking time and reading my story.xx

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I discovered the mould around 3 wks after moving into the property it was when we had some bad weather it seemed to appear with the snow and rain.I tried to treat the mould with some special mould paint that I bought but it has not cleared it one bit the problem has just grown and is now a real problem.My landlord has been informed about this and even taken a look himself but still he didn’t and hasn’t attempted to sort the problem he actually blamed the problem on me saying it was through condensation and I needed to air the property unfortunately I cannot open most of my windows the windows that do open are open all day I don’t know what to do about this problem now.

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  1. Hi Kate,
    Getting an eviction notice from your landlord is truly a blessing in disguise. COPD is caused by breathing contaminants that are ‘toxic’ to the body and mould is certainly at the top of the list. Do you have government run ‘health’ offices in England where they inspect and test for mould contamination in buildings? Unless a building is properly treated for mould contamination, it is so important to leave it at once. From what you have described here, your belongings may be contaminated as well. Depending on the species of mould, which can be identified through proper mould testing, items made from ‘organic’ materials such as cloth, paper, etc. it may be impossible for you to treat them and therefore it would be best for them to be disposed. When they are removed from the contaminated property and placed in a new uncontaminated property, cross contamination is a great possibility. Given the right conditions, namely moisture and little or no negative air pressure within a building will cause mould to continue to grow. Mould ultimately decays and destroys organic matter, including the human body. Find the cleanest and safest home possible. Your immune system will deteriorate from mould exposure and contamination to the point where you and your family will suffer great harm. Cancer is a form of ‘fungus’ and mould is exactly that, fungus.

  2. I’ve been babysitting for my daughter since September 2013 at her home all day sometimes spend the nite her house is full of mold spores that have left marks on me and cause upper respirespitory problem pneumonia andeye iteration pinkeye Brenton hospital for it what can I do! Can I be compensated.

  3. Hi Kate,
    The problem that you are describing is a common problem seen all over the UK and in Europe. With the use of insulation to ‘increase’ energy efficiency of properties, you are taking away much more vital properties of the building. A Building should have a ‘breathability’, what I mean by this is that there should be movement of water through the plaster and walls, this happens natural and will keep a more natural levels. The Paint that you used, I feel, was on mis-leading advise. The ‘Special’ paints are mostly acrylic based, which further decreases the ‘breathability’ of the house, and can cause further problems.

    Having worked in the condensation control industry, I would recommend the use of extractor fans, which can be strategically located. The Use of ventilation units will control the humidity and water vapour levels, which will inhibit the chance of condensation, which will lead to mould.

    For further information please look at and call the office and we will be happy to help.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Dickason

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