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Leslie in Chestertown, MD

by Jonathan

Discovered mold when looking at home, smelled the mold, saw it. I was told by agent and inspector it just needed airing out! Windows were offered to be fixed, but information about the plumbing causing mold was withheld. Much leakage in crawlspace withheld by inspector. My son-in law found it after I questioned the fact that the inspector kept changing his story and the agent neglected to address the problem and still hasn’t!


I had a contract on a home the Reall Estate Agent assured me would pass FHA inspection. Because I was living in another state my daughter looked at the home for me. After putting in a contract by mail, I moved to MD and looked at the home. It reaked of mildew. The Agent and the inspector, who I was paying but who was really working more for the Agent, said it just needed airing out! I pulled back the curtains and the eternal was mold on almost every sill and the curtains. A small portion of the floor beyond the carpet looked black, and there was major plumbing problems which the realtor and the Agent lied about and withheld from me. I sold my home in another state to buy this one only to find out there was a con game going on! The floor joist was also damaged, windows could not be raised in case of a fire, and the buried propane tank was 55 years old!

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